Tokyo Dining for a Birthday Lunch

This review reflects our experience from January 2016.

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog over the years then you probably know one of our favorite restaurants is Tokyo Dining. There are several reasons for our love of this restaurant, it’s in World Showcase, it’s a quick table service, we can usually book it same day (we go during off season), it’s cheap and it’s delicious! Tokyo Dining shares a building with Teppan Edo in the Japan pavilion in Epcot. It offers a great view of World Showcase Lagoon and even has a great view for IllumiNations.

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We recently went for lunch for Corey’s birthday. We were able to just walk in, it’s not too busy for lunch in January, and were seated with a nice view of Epcot. We spoke with our server about not wanting the vegetarian platter but instead just a couple veggie rolls and seaweed salad instead. We used to always get the Vegetarian Combo, but the tempura isn’t vegan and it’s twice as much as just getting rolls and seaweed salad.

Edamame Appetizer
Edamame Appetizer

We ordered edamame as an appetizer as our server warned us that it will be cold edamame. This is a great starter since the miso soup isn’t vegetarian. We quickly demolished our starter and our rolls came out.

Vegetable Sushi
Vegetable Sushi

The sushi rolls are the same that you will find over at Katsura Grill, so if you don’t want a table service you can just head there. Katsura Grill doesn’t have our beloved seaweed salad though, so we often choose Tokyo Dining instead.

Vegetable Sushi
Vegetable Sushi

Inside the rolls you’ll find avocado, carrot, cucumber, kanpyo and ginger. The rolls are made fresh to order and they definitely taste that way. The carrot and cucumber offer a nice crunch. This is always a fresh and light option in the parks.

Seaweed Salad
Seaweed Salad

We absolutely love the seaweed salad here. It’s not on the menu as it’s own option, but we had no problem getting it. This is a great addition to the rolls. It has a strong sesame flavor and offers a nice texture.

Happy Birthday Fruit
Happy Birthday Fruit

After we were done eating we saw a group of waitresses come out with a candle and something else. Instantly Corey knew it was for him, even though we had not asked for anything and he was only wearing a Birthday button when we checked in. Since we obviously couldn’t eat the ice cream they bring out for everyone else, they brought out a fruit cup! We thought it was absolutely hilarious. The fruit was obviously not fresh and had either been canned or in some sort of package so he didn’t really eat any of it, but the thought was great.

Would we go back?
Always, super cheap table service and a very quick and delicious meal.


Corey & Melissa


Author: VeganWDW

Two Disney loving Vegans who want to share the newest and best treats in Disney World.

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