Symphony in the Stars Dessert Party

This review reflects our experience from March 2016.

Symphony in the Stars, otherwise known as the “Star Wars Fireworks Show”, is a new nighttime spectacular at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The show itself features music and sound clips from the Star Wars movie series, timed to amazing pyrotechnics and fireworks that are shot off from behind The Great Movie Ride. Recently, Hollywood Studios began offering a special dessert party with a private viewing area and speciality adult beverages for $69.00 per adult. The party promised “out-of-this-world selection of desserts and specialty drinks—including alcoholic beverage options” as well as a souvenir stein and special viewing area.

View from Dessert Party area
View from Dessert Party area

We e-mailed special diets one month before our reservation to inquire about vegan options and were told to check with a chef upon arrival, and that “allergy and special diet” options would be available. When we arrived the night of the party, we were pleasantly surprised with the viewing area. At the very end of Hollywood Boulevard, next to Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner, was a large roped-off section with small bar-height tables. The view of The Great Movie Ride was perfect and the area was not oversold or overcrowded.

We checked in, and alerted the Cast Member about our special dietary needs. We were told by the hostess to find a chef and ushered into the party area. After choosing a table, we found a chef that informed us that nearly everything on the buffets would not work for us. The only readily available items were most of the beverages (3 out of the 4 specialty alcoholic beverages, water, punch and coffee) and the fresh fruit “sabers” were all that we could choose from.

Fruit Sabers
Fruit Sabers

However, they had  specially prepared set of foods for folks with allergy and dietary concerns. We were offered large mixed fruit cups, bags of Enjoy Life cookies, and a few custom-baked goods. The baked goods that we were given were a pumpkin cake with apple butter and key lime-blueberry “bomb” in adorable little jars.

Enjoy Life Cookies
Enjoy Life Cookies
Fruit Cup
Fruit Cup

The fruit cups consisted of berries, pineapple and kiwi. The fruit was very fresh and delicious and the portions were generous. The Enjoy Life cookie packages were basic, but good. The highlight were the custom baked goods in jars. The pumpkin cake was some of the best I had ever tasted, with a light texture and sweet frosting between the layers. The key lime-blueberry bomb was a very different flavor, a bit bitter, but really interesting. We asked if they were made in house and the chef said that they were. We had never had anything like that at any Disney venue before and enjoyed them greatly.

Cake Jars
Cake Jars
Pumpkin Cake
Pumpkin Cake

We were told several times to come back for more, and even take packages to go. We took several extra jars of pumpkin cake and bags of cookies.

Would we go back?
No. But! Only because of the cost. 70 dollars per person is a lot, however, we do not regret experiencing it once!


Tara & Paul


Author: VeganLibrarian

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  1. oh man, that pumpkin cake looks awesome. i’m currently sick and have been nauseous for the last couple of days… but the idea of that cake is making me salivate like you wouldn’t believe.

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