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Last updated 2/22/18

What’s vegan in Epcot?

Kiosks, Carts and Walk Ups

Fountain View – Starbucks, Future World
Vegan Option: Coffee, Non-Dairy Milk available
Opens at 9:00am
Some Dining Plans Accepted

The Land Cart, Future World
Vegan Option: Hummus with pretzels, Fruit, Vegetables
Opens at 10:00am
Dining Plans Not Accepted

Choza de Margarita, World Showcase (Mexico)
Vegan Option: Guacamole with Fried Flour “Chicharron”
Opens at 11:30am
Dining Plans Not Accepted

Trinken Beer Cart, World Showcase(Germany)
Vegan Option: Large Pretzels
Opens at 11:30am
Dining Plans Not Accepted

Kabuki Cafe, World Showcase(Japan)
Vegan Option: Kakigori without the sweet milk topping, Edamame
Opens at 11:30am
Dining Plans Not Accepted

Block & Hans – World Showcase (America)
Vegan Option: Mickey Pretzels
Opens at 3:30pm
Some Dining Plans Accepted

Fife and Drum Travern – World Showcase (America)
Vegan Option: Popcorn
Opens at 11:30am
Some Dining Plans Accepted

L’Artisan des Glaces, World Showcase (France)
Vegan Option: Waffle Cone and Fruit Sorbet
Opens at 12:00pm
Dining Plans Not Accepted


Quick Service

Sunshine Seasons, Future World
Vegan Option: Vegan Korma with Gardein® Meatless Chik’n, Vegan Flatbread Sandwich, Soup*, Vegan Wrap, Vegetable Sushi, Vegetable Platter, Various Vegan Snacks (Surf Sweets, Enjoy Life, etc.), Vegan Dessert
Opens at 11:00am
Some Dining Plans Accepted

Liberty Inn, World Showcase(America)
Vegan Option: Vegetable Burger (Beyond Meat Beyond Burger on vegan Brioche bun)
Opens at 11:30am
Some Dining Plans Accepted

Katsura Grill, World Showcase (Japan)
Vegan Option: Edamame, Steamed Rice, Vegetable Roll
Opens at 11:30am
Some Dining Plans Accepted

La Cantina de San Angel, World Showcase(Mexico)
Vegan Option: Chips and Guacamole
Opens at 11:00am
Some Dining Plans Accepted

La Cava Del Tequila, World Showcase(Mexico)
Vegan Option: Chips and Guacamole
Opens at 12:00pm
Dining Plan Not Accepted

Tangierine Cafe, World Showcase (Morocco)
Vegan Option: Vegetable Platter, ask to see pita ingredients as supplier often changes
Opens at 11:00am
Some Dining Plans Accepted

Table Service

Coral Reef Restaurant, Future World
Vegan Option: Country-fried Cauliflower, Earth Balance Vegan Butter Available, Vegan Rolls, Seasonal Soup*
Lunch served 11:30am-3:30pm
Dinner served 4:00pm-9:00pm
Some Dining Plans Accepted

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, World Showcase (Norway)
Breakfast Vegan Option: Tofu Scramble, Vegan Mickey waffles (must ask chef), potatoes, fruit
Breakfast buffet 8:00am-11:10am

Lunch/Dinner Vegan Option: Fresh vegetables, Grønnsaksgrateng (lentils with vegetables), salads
Lunch buffet 11:55am-3:30pm
Dinner buffet 4:55pm-8:35pm
Some Dining Plans Accepted

Biergarten, World Showcase (Germany)
Vegan Option: Tomato Salad, Green Bean Salad, Beet Salad, Cabbage, Fresh Pickles, Breads, Pretzels, Potato Wedges, Rice with Peas, Sautéed Veggies and Red Cabbage (may contain honey), Enjoy Life sweets,
Lunch buffet 11:00am-3:10pm
Dinner buffet 4:00pm-9:00pm
Some Dining Plans Accepted

Via Napoli, World Showcase (Italy)
Vegan Option: Vegetable Pizza without Cheese, Salad, Spaghetti Marinara
Lunch served 11:30am-4:25pm
Dinner served 4:30pm-9:00pm
Some Dining Plans Accepted

Teppan Edo, World Showcase (Japan)
Vegan Option: Yasai Fresh Grilled Vegetables swap beef rice for steamed rice, Edamame
Lunch served 12:00pm-3:45pm
Dinner served 4:00pm-8:55pm
Some Dining Plans Accepted

Tokyo Dining, World Showcase(Japan)
Vegan Option: Veggie Sushi, Seaweed Salad, Edamame
Lunch served 12:00pm-3:45pm
Dinner served 4:00pm-8:55pm
Some Dining Plans Accepted

Restaurant Marrakesh, World Showcase (Morocco)
Vegan Option: Couscous with Vegetables*
Lunch served 11:30am-3:15pm
Dinner served 3:30pm-9:00pm
Some Dining Plans Accepted

Spice Road Table, World Showcase (Morocco)
Vegan Option: Hummus and Imported Olives, Rice Stuffed Grape Leaves, Vegetable Plate
Lunch served 11:30am-3:55pm
Dinner served 4:00pm-9:00pm
Some Dining Plans Accepted

Le Cellier, World Showcase(Canada)
Vegan Option: Root Vegetable Gnocchi (without sauce), Earth Balance Butter and Bread
Lunch served 12:30pm-3:55pm
Dinner served 4:00pm-9:00pm
Some Dining Plans Accepted

*Item may not be vegan. Remember to always ask your server or a chef if the item is vegan. Disney World restaurants are constantly changing ingredients and suppliers.


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  1. We tried Via Napoli and had the worst experience ever. We are pretty much the most chill vegans and don’t stress. We booked our reservation 4 months in advance. We called 2 weeks before to make sure it was listed as vegan. When we showed up, it printed “allergy” on our slip and when we sat down we asked what our options were. The waitress seemed stressed and told us to pick something from the menu. We asked some questions and she went to speak with the chef. She came back and said we could have plain pasta with sauce, or one of the pizzas listed minus the meat and cheese. We asked if we could have any substations or veggies added and if we could maybe we could talk to the chef. She went to ask and came back very stressed 20 minutes later with a manager. 20 minutes. And she told us the chef was too busy to talk to guests. The manager told us to pick from the menu and that any additions would be charged more. She acted like we were being a huge pain or like we were trying to get a discount (we had a meal plan) and the guests around us were whispering and looking at us. So our options were a personal pizza with mushrooms and sauce $20, or box pasta (their homemade had eggs) with sauce, no veggies, minus the veal meatballs for $21. Dessert was a pack of grapes or a gluten free chocolate cookie. We told her we’d think about it and made a drink order. We asked if my 4 year old could have soy milk or juice and she said they didn’t have anything but soda or lemonade. We ordered water. She never brought us our drinks. Our food took almost an hour and our drinks came at the same time. The entire dinner took 1 and a half hours to get to us. The food was nothing special, but I wouldn’t have complained about it if it hadn’t been for the rude treatment and the insane amount of time it took.

    1. I’m sorry that happened. I removed it from our page because of your experience. I have heard of great vegan experiences there but yours alone has made me not want anyone to go through that. I’m thankful you shared this with us and I’m sorry Disney was not magical for you that day.

  2. I unfortunately had a very similar experience at via napoli, twice! Will not be going back this year. Thanks for making this site, it’s a wonderful resource!

  3. I’ve eaten vegan at Via Napoli six times now and never had a problem. I think there is a language barrier though because they seem to hire Italian waitstaff.

    I always get the mushroom pizza, minus the cheese. I do know for a fact the reason you can’t add additional toppings to this style pizza is that they won’t cook and they’d slide right off the crust. This tradirional-style pizza is quite thin and only goes in the high heat wood fire oven for 90 seconds or so.

    YMMV on service, but if you go in knowing what you want and make the “no cheese” part clear, you should be good.

    Via Napoli is in my Top 10 for lifetime pizza–even without the cheese. That’s how good the crust is. Totally worth the trip!

    1. Us too! We Live in Orlando and go to Epcot all the time and always go to via napoli because we never have a problem being vegan there

  4. Les Chefs de France has actually been very accommodating our last two visits. They made me a ratatouille without cheese and it was fabulous, plus fresh berries for dessert. Surprisingly, Germany has also been great. The buffet does contain some delicious accidentally vegan items, and a chef has always come out to walk me through them.

  5. We made adrs for norways princess breakfast, I booked on the phone and the cast member on the phone refused to list us as vegan or having a dietary request because she said it is a buffet. She gave me this same response to our chef Mickey adr.im wondering should I call and hope for a more helpful person to add allergy/dietary request or should we just show up and hope they have soy milk and vegan waffles?

    1. Hey Katherine. We typically make ADRs online where you can select various allergies. But whenever you check in make sure to tell the host of your dietary needs and they will be accommodating. They should note it on your reservation card so you will be able to speak to a chef. We have been to Chef Mickey’s for breakfast and had an excellent experience. We hope you do too!

  6. At Akershus in Norway the chef actually made an entire vegan plate. It didn’t seem like an on the whim thing but more of an unlisted menu item. Beets (red and yellow) and asparagus along with lentil patties.

  7. I was there today, and they had vegan korean bbq with white rice and cucumbers. I’m not sure what the name of the place was called. it just said South Korea.

  8. Just visited Epcot and Tangierine Café in Morocco two days ago, excited to get the vegetable platter. I asked about the pita bread and falafel. Warning: the falafel is cooked in the same oil as the chicken! When I asked why, the chef said it was because they only have one fryer back there, and it seemed to be a normal thing, not something unusual like they currently only have one functional fryer but the other is going to be repaired soon. The chef also said that the pita was not vegan.

    So, they gave me a platter heaped with everything that was vegan…tabouleh, hummus, chopped lettuce, tomato salad, olives, lentil salad, and some kind of sweetened citrus coucous salad with orange bell peppers in it. Everything was delicious except for the couscous, which I found too sweet to enjoy with a meal, but I was still pretty sad to not get the falafel which I’d been looking forward to.

    Anyway, vegan beware. When you go, make sure to ask whether the falafel is cooked in the same oil as the meat or not, and ask about the pita. It is currently (November 2015) not vegan…not sure whether there is dairy in it or maybe the dough conditioners are not vegan. Who knows? Chef just said, “not vegan” and I didn’t ask for elaboration because he seemed to know what he was talking about. My suggestion is to bring in your own vegan pita bread or pita chips, if possible, so that you have something to eat with the hummus. I basically just used my hummus as salad dressing and smeared it all over everything else on the platter. Not ideal, but good enough.

  9. The pita bread being served when we visited is Toufayan Hearty White Flatbread. You can find the ingredients online. The company does not label it vegan, although there are no obvious animal-derived ingredients. Perhaps they’re in the natural flavors.

  10. Sunshine seasons inside the land has a vegan korma dish on the menu that is 100% vegan! As for table service, The Garden Grill has an eggplant dish for their vegetarian option that can easily be made vegan by asking for no cheese.

  11. Went to Moccoco at Epcot today and I will let you know they do not have Falafel wrap or sliders. I was very disappointed to have been mislead. Don’t want anyone else to make the same mistake. 🙂 The vegetable platter is amazing, however.

  12. I visited Sunshine Seasons in Future World and tried the Vegan Korma (one of the best vegan dishes I’ve tried in Disney thus far) and also asked to speak to the chef about their tomato soup, and she informed me that it was made with no cream or milk whatsoever! yay!

  13. We tried to go to Sunshine Seasons for breakfast but Disney staff told us they don’t open until 11am. We ended up eating at Starbucks. 🙁

  14. First, thanks for all the tips – so wonderful to have this community. I ate at Teppan Edo (Japan) tonight, and it was mostly great. The pros were tasty food, and in theory it was easy to order. (Yasai, no butter, white rice.) However, I had to explain my restriction to at least 12 people prior to eating (how was that necessary?), several of whom shouted it out very loud at the table. Then a fellow diner became very concerned about my meal and why it was just veggies and that he might not get butter and he’d better get butter and started asking the others at the table, “Is she with you?” Then when butter was added to his noodles, he cheered. This part is not the restaurant’s fault but just sharing. And of course I got my dinner well in advance of the rest of the table, which makes sense but was sort of awkward. I also didn’t see why I got two strips of tofu but everyone else got a big pile of meat. But either way the food was tasty and the staff respectful. I enjoyed it overall.

    1. I’m glad your food was good, but I’m sorry for the lack of respect at your table. We were lucky to dine there with a table of friends so we didn’t feel so singled out.
      I wonder why you had to speak to so many cast members? Also at least you got tofu when you went. That wasn’t an option for us two years ago.
      Best, Melissa

      1. Right, the tablemates were just chance. And the other family seemed uncomfortable with his comments. The tofu was very good – I would have enjoyed more of it! I don’t know why I had to speak with so many people. Each one reassured me that they understood, then the next person would ask me to explain it again. Anyway, thanks again for this page! I am hoping to try the vegan korma today before I head back to Ohio. : )

  15. Just went to Katsahura Grill in Japan tonight, they said they changed the menu and they no longer offer steamed vegetables. Bummer. But veggie roll and edamame are still a yes.

  16. Have you (or other readers) ever been to Food & Wine at Epcot? I know they have some explicitly vegan options this year, but I’m wondering if there is anything else at the booths that might be accidentally vegan.

    1. The Greek nachos is my new favorite thing to eat at WDW. Delicious.

      The vegan Korean bbq was meh… skip it.

      There are various drinks that are accidentally vegan, the dole whip with coconut rum at refreshment port is my favorite but you can get the same drink for only $7 at animal kingdom. I think the mini San Marzano tomatoes at greenhouse guru were vegan, but I’m not paying that much for tomatoes haha

  17. I was wondering if you have any info on if some of the items for the Garden Grill in Epcot are vegan friendly. I’m going there with a group of adults and can’t seem to get a straight answer from any of the Disney help on the website.

  18. I ate at Le Cellier on Sunday. The tofu dish is no longer on the menu, but the chef came out and asked what I liked/didn’t like and made me an amazing oyster mushroom dish. It was EPIC.

  19. Is the root vegetable gnocchi at Le cellier not vegan? It appeared that way based on the allergy labels on the menu posted outside. I’ve not ate there, but was considering it because this dish sounded tasty.

    1. Thanks for letting us know of this change! They had a tofu dish up until recently, we will look into whether or not it is vegan and update accordingly. Let us know if you find out before we do. Thanks!

  20. I was in Epcot this past weekend….the quick service in China (I believe it is called Lotus)..has a veggie stir fry that is serviced with steamed white rice. We are on the dining plan and there are no vegan options for dessert. Evidently I should be able to swap the dessert for a “snack” but the cashier would not accommodate. They also have a veggie eggroll (I am pretty confident it is fried in the same oil as the pork eggrolls).

  21. I recently had the Vegetable Naveyaki Udon (Udon Noodles served with Fried Tofu and Vegetables in KONBU-Dashi Broth) at Tokyo Dining and was assured that it was vegan.

    1. I’m here now and the manager says the Vegetable Naveyaki Udon has bonito flakes in the broth (fish). She says they switched from vegan broth recently. Unnecessary and disappointing.

      (Thanks for this great resource by the way!)

  22. We went to the Coral Reef one night this trip and got the crabless cakes. It was gorgeous, beautifully displayed. It was filling. It also featured protein, unlike many options. They had sorbet, and tofutii for dessert, or fruit. And most importantly it was delicious. One of the most accommodating places we’ve been in Disney (and that says a lot.) I would say that of all of the trips to Disney we’ve had, this might be my favorite meal, thus far.

  23. Just back from WDW trip and had a couple of vegan items at Epcot that aren’t mentioned here. First, at the Electric Umbrella, I had the Veggie Naan-wich but *not* on the naan bread, which isn’t vegan. The hostess at the start of the rope line helped me out, and they substituted a bun that was vegan. Sandwich was good! Next, at Sunshine Seasons, I had a veggie wrap that was in the fridge case, clearly marked “Vegan.” It was okay, but I miss the vegan “beef” entree, since the korma entree is made with coconut, which I dislike (to say the least). Didn’t even think to try China! But I will next trip.

    And it’s great to know that the Mickey pretzels are vegan. They saved my life a couple times while I was there!

  24. Back in May, we had a great meal at the Nine Dragons in China of the Tofu & vegetable stir fry and fancy drinks. It was during an insane day of the F&W festival, and we were happy to get a reservation with no wait time, and get into the A/C!

  25. Here now. Yesterday (Jan. 19, 2017) we had the vegan korma at Sunshine Seasons. It was great. They also have a “Vegan Flatbread” with tofu, black bean spread and chia seeds”!!! Looked great, but didn’t try it. Maybe in the next few days.

  26. Does anyone know what the “Crabless” cakes are made out of at Coral Reef? The sides sound good, but I don’t like the taste even of seafood or meat, so I want to make sure it’s not like a substitute that still has the flavor of crab, thank you so much!

    1. I’ve never had the crab cakes, but if the rest of the products from the manufacturer (Gardein) are any indication, it’s probably a pretty accurate representation of the non- vegan version. If you don’t like fish or crab flavor, I’d skip the vegan crab cakes too.

    2. I have never had real crab. I hate fish. But… I left a review above. But I did order that meal at Epcot. And it was absolutely delicious, and not fishy one bit. Not sure how it compares to real crab though?

      1. Thank you for removing it! They do have just spaghetti and marinara for $24 (which I would never pay for that) and a salad that was just mixed greens and balsamic for $13. But those are essentially the only choices and they didn’t want us to see the chef unlike a lot of places in Disney.

  27. Had a great experience at Chefs De France last week. Vegan meal redes no explanation and was totally delicious! It was a roasted pepper stuffed with ratatouille! Broccoli and cauliflower on the side. Beautiful presentation and delicious food with excellent service!

    1. We went to Chefs De France yesterday 4/14/17 and had a not so great experience. I informed them when booking the res that I was vegan and family vegetarian. They ended up with standard menu items such as puff pastry and mac and cheese. For me, the server had no clue what vegan was and started suggesting meat dishes minus cheese etc. I asked to speak to the chef and was told 5 min. And he would be out. After 10 min I was told he wouldn’t come and I should just make a suggestion. Based on the previous review, I suggested a ratatouille and the server looked at me like I was crazy. I then suggested steamed vegetables and rice with whatever the chef would like to pair with it. I ended up with a plate of vegetables and a small side plate of rice. Zero thought from the chef put into it and I was told I would be charged more for ordering off the menu.

      I listed my food restrictions as allergies as they seemed more interested in allergies than food choices. That being the case, I’m fairly sure my vegetables were cooked with butter as I had an upset stomach the rest of the day. For a meal that came to over $100 for two adults and one child to eat, we felt it was not worth it at all. Also, the placemats were paper. How is that a thing when the cheapest dish is $20? Very disappointed. We would have been better off with quick service at most other stands.

  28. Just ate at Coral Reef and got the allergy-friendly menu, which apparently was new and launched 2 days ago, there were no Crabless cakes but there was a Vegan Tofu Bowl (ramen noodles style) and mango sorbet!

  29. I had a horrible experience at sunshine cafe and this one stumped me!!! I ordered the VEGAN fruit pudding cup and the lady told the chef and he went to make one. I think they were out and he made more pudding? Anyway I got it and it tasted good …. but the lady who originally helped me came up to me accompanied by the head chef and a supervisor after I had finished two heaping scoops and informed me the guy gave me the dairy version that had gelatin and sour cream and heavy whipping cream. I wanted to throw up and cry :/ I hope that they re label the damn fruit cup what else could I have done to ensure that didn’t happen?! I heard the lady tell the chef the VEGAN fruit cup.

  30. Meant to also say that Trails End has a chef that works there during the week that makes a fabulous vegan dinner I would recommend it for couples it’s a lot of food!

    Also- Ohana for breakfast they always make a tofu skillet with veggies and a fruit platter that is totally worth going to a character breakfast!

  31. La Cantina de San Angel:

    Ensalada Mexicana – Tossed Romaine Lettuce, Arugula, Red and White Cabbage, Black Beans, Corn, Olive Oil, and Lime Juice – $8.95

  32. At Garden Grill at EPCOT, you can ask for a vegetarian stuffed pepper. You can ask for it even if you want the meat too, because it is quite yummy.

    1. Here is a review with some pictures of the vegan/vegetarian options. The reviewer in the link was upset over the biscuits and salad. If you want more tomatoes or something on the salad, just ask. I think the head chef’s name is Norman. If you want the regular biscuits instead of gluten free, just ask. And, I always bring my own dressings, because, mostly, you get oil and vinegar when you ask for vegan dressing.


    1. I know this is a late reply but I had an amazing experience at the Rose & Crown last November. Chef Paul came out and worked with me on a dish that I would like. Basically there’s a chicken curry vegetable dish that when you take away the chicken is vegan. So I got curried veggies and he made me basmati rice and extra roaster baby potatoes on the side because I expressed my love of potatoes haha. It was super filling and was only $20!

  33. The Liberty Inn within the America showcase has a “vegetarian chicken” option made with a soy base. Just omit the Chipotle Ranch sauce to veganize it. Ut wasn’t very good but I’m glad the option is there for convenience. They is an ingredient binder at most eateries for more detailed information.

  34. The garden grill brought out a vegan breakfast for me back in June. Along with fruit as an appetizer, they had tater tots, vegan Mickey waffles and a really interesting wrap with rice, sweet potato, blueberry, and a few other things I can’t remember. It was great and I highly recommend!

  35. Liberty Inn (World Showcase) offers the vegan BEYOND MEAT BURGER NOW! They replaced the Gardein chick’n patty with that burger and we had it yesterday, it was perfect (tastes exactly like a burger). Sad that they don’t advertise it, they should have it listed on their main menu displays so people are aware of the option! Instead, it’s practically hidden and most of the employees didn’t even know the name of the Beyond Meat burger patty. They referred to it as a veggie or beet burger. Luckily, one of the employees there was vegan herself and clarified that they swapped out the Gardein chick’n patty with the Beyond Meat burger and we were stoked! If people aren’t aware then it won’t sell well, eventually gets discontinued, and us vegans are left with even fewer options.

  36. The masala curry at the Rose and Crown in the UK pavilion can be made vegan. Just hold the chicken and the sauce can be made without dairy. The chips cooked in the chippy are also cooked separate and the mushy peas are delicious! They also stock rice dream ice cream 🙂

  37. Thank you so much for this website!! My husband & I are going to Disney for our honeymoon, first time since we were little with our family & definitely the first time since becoming vegan!! I love the internet haha, I am so grateful I found you 🙂

  38. I went to Le Cellier last month for my anniversary, and the chef made me an AMAZING vegan risotto. Highly recommend if it’s available. The hostess that was there was also vegan, and our waiter told us that his girlfriend was vegan as well. Definitely felt comfortable and taken care of!

  39. Wonderful resource. Just a correction – we had breakfast at Royal Askerhaus today and they now make a vegan plate they deliver at the table that includes asparagus, potatoes, tofu, tomatoes and a mushroom

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