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Last updated 9/2/20
This update reflects the only current open restaurants during the COVID-19 reopening.

What’s vegan in Epcot?

Kiosks, Carts and Walk Ups

Joffrey’s Coffee, Future World & World Showcase

All Day: Coffee, Almond milk available

Travel’s Cafe– Starbucks, World Showcase

All Day: Coffee, Non-Dairy Milk available

The Land Cart, Future World

All Day: Hummus with pretzels, Fruit, Vegetables

Choza de Margarita, World Showcase (Mexico)

All Day: Guacamole with Tortilla Chip

Kabuki Cafe, World Showcase(Japan)

All Day: Kakigori without the sweet milk topping, Edamame

Fife and Drum Travern – World Showcase (America)

All Day: Popcorn

L’Artisan des Glaces, World Showcase (France)

All Day: Waffle Cone and Fruit Sorbet (flavors change seasonally)


Quick Service

Sunshine Seasons, Future World

Lunch/Dinner: Whole Wheat Pita with Jackfruit
Dessert: Plant-based Cookies ‘n “Cream” Chocolate Mousse Cup

La Cantina de San Angel, World Showcase (Mexico)

Lunch/Dinner: Chips and Guacamole

La Cava Del Tequila, World Showcase (Mexico)

All Day: Margaritas (be aware of black ant salt)

Regal Eagle Smokehouse (America)

Lunch/Dinner: Plant-based BBQ Jackfruit burger, Power Greens Salad with jackfruit

Katsura Grill, World Showcase (Japan)

Lunch/Dinner: Edamame, Steamed Rice, Vegetable Roll

Tangierine Cafe, World Showcase (Morocco) NOT OPEN

Lunch/Dinner: Vegetarian Platter, ask to see pita ingredients as supplier often changes


Table Service

Coral Reef Restaurant, Future World

Appetizer: Vegan Gluten Free Rolls upon request
Entree: Grilled Garden Vegetable Skewer
Dessert: Baileys Almond and Jack Daniel’s Mousse

Garden Grill, Future World

Vegan Loaf (rice/bean based) with vegan cream sauce, rice, green beans, corn, fries, salad, and rolls with vegan butter. Dessert is shortcake style with fruit.

La Hacienda de San Angel, World Showcase (Mexico)

Appetizer: Guacamole
Entree: Vegetable Tacos without cheese, Vegetable Enchilada without cheese

San Angel Inn, World Showcase (Mexico)

Appetizer: Guacamole*, Chips and Salsa
Entree: Tacos de Vegetales(Speak with a chef to get vegan), refried beans are vegan, rice contains chicken broth

Biergarten, World Showcase (Germany)

Lunch/Dinner: Tomato & Cucumber Salad, Beet Salad, Pretzel Rolls, Potato Wedges, Sautéed Veggies, Enjoy Life Chocolate, Chef willing to accommodate for proteins if asked (Gardein Fishless Fillets and Beefless Tips)

Via Napoli, World Showcase (Italy)

Appetizer: House Salad
Entree: Vegan Margarita Pizza, Spaghetti Marinara


Spice Road Table, World Showcase (Morocco)

Appetizer/Small Plate: Hummus and Imported Olives, Rice Stuffed Grape Leaves
Entree: Vegetable Platter

Rose & Crown, World Showcase(United Kingdom)

Appetizer: Coronation Salad
Entree: Vegan Fish and ChipsTofu Masala Curry, Vegan Bangers and Mash, Savory Impossible Hot Pot, Mushy Peas, Chips
Dessert: Coconut Rice Pudding

Le Cellier, World Showcase(Canada)

Entree/Sides: Steamed Asian Impossible™ Dumplings, Maple Whiskey-glazed Brussels Sprouts

*Item may not be vegan. Remember to always ask your server or a chef if the item is vegan. Disney World restaurants are constantly changing ingredients and suppliers.


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137 thoughts

  1. The chocolate moose in the land pavilion is vegan! If you see the recipe binder it’s even labeled as vegan chocolate moose even though there is no leaf symbol on the menu.

  2. Hi! I’m at Epcot right now with my family 🙂 my husband and I are both vegan, and my father-in-law got us reservations at Tutti Italia Ristorante. I told him I’d just ask the servers/chefs since it’s not on the list above 😉 (which I use RELIGIOUSLY thank you so much for all you’ve done). Anyway, they have a vegetarian menu and the servers pointed out several things that were or could be made vegan. The spaghetti pomodoro as is and with the pesto sauce (their pesto is dairy free), their mixed vegetables are and can also be paired with pasta, and their vegetarian salad is as well! Also, two of the breads (garlic and brown) are vegan, while the round rolls and the hard breadsticks have dairy in them. I hope this gets them added to the list!:) we haven’t gotten the food yet, but after a day of walking around, pasta sure sounds good. Also, we ate at rose and crown and used your suggestions (got fish and chips and the savory hot pot) and it was SUCH a good meal. Yum central. Thank you again!:)

  3. Have you had luck asking for ingredients for the Kaki Gori at Kabuki Cafe? I’ve tried in the past and was told they didn’t have a listing. It was frustrating

  4. Is the a vegan breakfast skillet at Garden Grill featuring Just Egg? I thought I saw this somewhere but can’t seem to find any information.

    1. Yes absolutely. All the Beyond burgers and sausages are gluten free. So when you omit the buns you’re good to go. It’s a bit harder for gluten free but absolutely capable. If you’re on Facebook there is a vegan and gluten free Facebook group on there with options posted.

    1. Last we’ve heard it was, however in the past the “vegetable” dish contained chicken broth so this place has always been somewhere we avoided.

  5. Just tried to get chicharrones at Choza de margarita and they switched to chips permanently ☹️

      1. Ewww! WTF??? Chicharrones?

        Idk what that means to a Mexican, but in Albuquerque NM, chicharrones are fried bits of murdered pig fat. Southerners would call it ‘fat back’ or ‘cracklin’.

        From your context tho, it sounds like something vegan ?!?!?!

  6. Hey there’s actually 3 places to eat in Mexico at Epcot and you only have 2 here (not including the margarita stand or the tequila bar). One is “Hacienda de San Angel” which is the outside table service restaurant facing the epcot bay where the fireworks take place, “La Cantina de San Angel” is the quick service cafe-next door which basically has nothing vegan, and then the one you’re missing is inside the Mayan temple and is a 2nd sit-down table service restaurant called “San Angel Inn Restaurant”. There’s a plato vegetariano (like fajitas/make your own tacos) and a ensalada de vegetables already on their regular menu, but I can’t remember if they have a special veg menu

    1. Hi Anna! We only have the ones listed that we know have vegan options that have been confirmed. Have you eaten at San Angel Inn to confirm both of those were vegan as is or needing modification?

      1. Hello!

        I have eaten at San Angel Inn and the plato vegetariano is listed as vegan straight off the menu. It was absolutely delicious and it was very nice to just be able to order without having to talk to a waitress/chef/manager, etc. I really, really hate asking for modifications and special treatment, so this was a treat!

  7. Isn’t the dessert pretzel in Norway vegan? Also, ate dinner at Rose & Crown on Tuesday and they have vegan rice pudding made with coconut milk.

    1. We have never actually checked that personally but have heard mixed things. And thank you for reminding me to update that because we ate that dessert a few weeks ago!

  8. Trowel and trellis (walk up) at beginning of world showcase has vegan meatball wrap, street corn with creamy sauce, and an amazing chocolate pudding with pomegranate and matcha. The walk up is sponsored by Impossible, but for some reason they cannot legally call the food vegan. However, the chef confirmed that all of the food was plant-based/vegan! Everything was delicious!

    1. This is a great booth for Flower & Garden! When we spoke with the chef he said they didn’t want to call it vegan because they didn’t want to “scare people away”. Everything there is delicious!

    2. I love your blog ! I wanted to let you know that at Epcot they now have a vegan pineapple cupcake that is in the land building ! It’s amazing ! What’s important to note is that when you see it on display it does not say vegan cupcake it says seasonal. But if you ask for the vegan pineapple cupcake the server knows 🙂 you must try it’s absolutely delish !

      1. Our daughter who has a dairy/egg allergy is 5, she hasn’t had cupcakes in years! Can you imagine being 5 and not getting to eat birthday cake at parties! Well we stumbled upon this vegan cupcake in the Land pavilion completely by accident while hiding out from the rain! And the look on our little ones face when she got to take that first bite of cupcake made me cry tears of joy!

    3. To the lady with the lottie girl that’s never eaten a dairy/egg free cake until you bought her a cupcake; you have heard of you tube right? They have a plethora of vegan cake recipes on there that are rather easy to make. No need to deprive your daughter of these treats!

  9. New menu item as of TODAY at Rose and Crown. It’s the Savory Vegetable Crumble with vegan bangers, plant-based cream sauce and a vegan cheese crust. I’ll look for your email and send a pic. We were here for the bangers and mash and fish and chips – one of our 5-year-olds favs. It was a nice surprise!

  10. I agree. We have never even considered eating at Rose & Crown so we greatly appreciate the post. My hubby and son had the bangers and mash and loved it. If you like sausage, it would be perfect for you. I had the tofu masala curry and it was really good. I asked for a side of mashed potatoes and they were just like we make them at home… no butter and just a plain delicious whipped potato. I would go back just for mash! Lol Disney is slowly expanding vegan options but most are not posted on the menus so we just ask a lot of questions. It honestly gets a little exhausting and it can be a frustrating experience for vegans but it’s well worth it to ensure you eat food without animal products. Thanks again for all the info!

  11. My husband and I ate at Rose and Crown last night. He had the fish and chips with mushy peas and loved it. I had the bangers and mash, delicious. Happy to have found this site because we never would have eaten there since the vegan items aren’t posted on their menu. So far the best meal I’ve had at Disney, most definitely recommend this place. Amazingly good food.

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