Vegetable Sushi from Katsura Grill

This review reflects our experience from October 2015.

Finding somewhere to eat in Epcot can sometimes be overwhelming with all the options. Do we eat at a table service or do a quick service, do we eat in Mexico or Japan? Lucky, or maybe unlucky, for us vegans, there are actually a good amount of vegan options in Epcot! On our last visit we decided to skip our usual Japanese meal at Tokyo Dining and give Katsura Grill a try instead.

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Katsura Grill is located above the Japan pavilion in a beautiful garden with koi fish and lush greens. Inside the building is where you order and you can choose to dine in there or outside. The location of Katsura Grill is a great place for a mid day break because it is nestled up above the main walk area of World Showcase. 

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When you enter the restaurant you will just need to head up to the counter as there are large menus above the registers. We decided to ask about the allergy binder so we could see the ingredients of what they offer. The miso soup unfortunately isn’t vegetarian as it contains fish flakes, yuck. After looking at our options we decide to get some vegetable rolls and sides.

Vegetable Roll
Vegetable Roll

For our main dish we each got out own Vegetable Rolls. The vegetable roll had avocado, carrot, cucumber, kanpyo and ginger, the same roll they offer at Tokyo Dining. The roll was a good size and tasted very fresh.


Since the roll wasn’t going to be too filling we got a few sides. The Edamame was a great option as it had quite a few pods, plus it came in a cool container! The edamame is cold, which the cast member informed us when we ordered, incase you are not a fan of cold edamame. If you’re on the go this is an easy item to carry with you to eat later.

Steamed Vegetables
Steamed Vegetables
Steamed Rice
Steamed Rice

Last we got sides of steamed vegetables and rice. The vegetables offered were broccoli, carrot, and snow peas. Next time we go we’d probably skip the steamed rice and veggies and just get two rolls each. We ate all of our food and were pretty full after though. All this food cost us $25 total. The meal we often get at Tokyo Dining is $25 per person so this is a better deal.

Would we go back?
Yes, this was a cheap filling option with a quiet location. The roll was great and we were both full after eating here.


Corey & Melissa

3 thoughts on “Vegetable Sushi from Katsura Grill

  1. The Opinioness of the World December 9, 2015 / 11:00 pm

    I love making a quick stop here and eating the vegetable rolls and edamame. Plus the view is surprisingly spectacular.

  2. Dolores December 12, 2015 / 3:13 pm

    This place is great. Peaceful and away from the crowds. The veggie roll and rice filled me up. Definitely revisiting.

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