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What’s vegan in Epcot?

Last updated 08/02/23

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Kiosks, Carts and Walk Ups

Joffrey’s Coffee, Future World & World Showcase

All Day: Coffee drinks with Almond & Oat Milk, Most syrups are vegan

Connections Cafe – Starbucks, Future World

All Day: Coffee, Non-Dairy Milk available

The Land Cart, Future World

All Day: Hummus with pretzels, Fruit, Vegetables


Choza de Margarita, World Showcase (Mexico)

All Day: Guacamole with Tortilla Chip

Pretzel Cart, World Showcase (Germany)

All Day: Jumbo Pretzel

Kabuki Cafe, World Showcase(Japan)

All Day: Kakigori without the sweet milk topping, Edamame

Fife and Drum Travern – World Showcase (America)

All Day: Popcorn, Mickey Pretzel

L’Artisan des Glaces, World Showcase (France)

All Day: Waffle Cone and Fruit Sorbet (flavors change seasonally)


Quick Service

Connections Eatery, Future World

Lunch/Dinner: Niçoise-style Salad, California Burger
Sides: Coleslaw, Fries, Mediterranean Side Salad, Oranges
Shakes: Mango-Coconut Milk Shake

Sunshine Seasons, Future World

Lunch/Dinner: Vegetable Korma, Mediterranean Vegetable Sandwich
Dessert: Plant-based Cookies ‘n “Cream” Chocolate Mousse Cup

La Cantina de San Angel, World Showcase (Mexico)

Lunch/Dinner: Chips and Guacamole, Plantains without cotija

La Cava Del Tequila, World Showcase (Mexico)

All Day: Margaritas (be aware of black ant salt on many of the drinks)

Sommerfest & Pretzel Cart, World Showcase (Germany)

All Day: Jumbo Pretzel, Vegan Bratwurst Available Upon Request (ask about bun!)


Regal Eagle Smokehouse (America)

Lunch/Dinner: Plant-based BBQ Jackfruit burger, Power Greens Salad with jackfruit

Katsura Grill, World Showcase (Japan)

Lunch/Dinner: Edamame, Steamed Rice, Vegetable Roll

Rose & Crown Pub, World Showcase (UK)

Lunch/Dinner: Vegan Fish and Chips available after 4pm
(If looking for the DINING ROOM keep scrolling down)


Table Service

Coral Reef Restaurant, Future World

Appetizer: Reef Salad
Entree: Mushroom Ravioli
Dessert: Baileys Almond and Jack Daniel’s Mousse

Garden Grill, Future World

Appetizer: Harvest-inspired Garden Salad
Entree: Vegan Loaf (rice/bean based) with vegan cream sauce, rice, green beans, corn, fries
Dessert: Berry Short Cake

Space 220, Future World

Appetizer: Galaxy Grain Salad
Entree: Space Pad “Thai”
Dessert: Carrot Cake

La Hacienda de San Angel, World Showcase (Mexico)

Appetizer: Guacamole
Entree: Chile Relleno (no cheese, specify vegan)


San Angel Inn, World Showcase (Mexico)

Appetizer: Guacamole*, Chips and Salsa
Entree: Huarache Vegetariano (speak with a chef to be modified), refried beans are vegan, rice contains chicken broth

Biergarten, World Showcase (Germany)

Appetizer: Tomato & Cucumber Salad, Beet Salad, Pretzel Rolls
Entree: Potato Wedges, Sautéed Veggies, Sauerkraut, Beefless Tips and/or Fishless Fillets, now has Beyond Sausages
Dessert: Enjoy Life Cookies, Fruit Compote

Via Napoli, World Showcase (Italy)

Appetizer: House Salad
Entree: Vegan Margarita Pizza, Spaghetti Marinara

Teppan Edo, World Showcase (Japan)

Appetizer: Edamame
Sushi: Vegetable Sushi Roll (not on menu)
Entree: Yasai – Note vegan when ordering


Spice Road Table, World Showcase (Morocco)

Small Plate: Hummus Fries, Naan Spread (swap naan to multigrain bread), Dolmas, Pomegranate-Chili Crispy Cauliflower, Tagine

Rose & Crown, World Showcase(United Kingdom)

Appetizer: Coronation Salad
Entree: Vegan Fish and Chips (off menu), Savory Impossible Hot Pot, Mushy Peas, Chips
Dessert: Plant-based Seasonal Gelato

Le Cellier Steakhouse, World Showcase(Canada)

Appetizer: Fried Cauliflower, Vegan Poutine (off menu)
Sides: Maple Whiskey-glazed Brussels Sprouts
Entree: Tourtière (Canadian Pie)
Dessert: Carrot Cake


*Item may not be vegan. Remember to always ask your server or a chef if the item is vegan. Disney World restaurants are constantly changing ingredients and suppliers.


Vegan options on the map

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138 thoughts

  1. The vegan option at Le Cellier is no longer available. The chef said he could make pasta with veggies. But we can get that most places and not use two dining credits, so we canceled our reservation. We are confirmed at Rose and Crown in a couple of hours, so I’ll update! 🙂 Thanks for this blog! It’s so helpful. We had the Casey’s Corner Slaw Fogs today and the Totchos and Brats and Tots a few months ago.

  2. We were at Rose and Crown on 10/19, and they had a FANTASTIC vegan bangers and mash – it had eggplant based sausages (tasted like Field Roast to me), lots of mashed potatoes, and a delicious gravy. This might have been my favorite meal on property!

  3. I noticed that there are some vegetarian options in the China pavilion (mostly tofu and vegetable stir fry), any idea if they are accidentally vegan?

    1. We have heard the stir fry at the quick service is vegan now. We haven’t checked for ourselves. We’re hesitant to put it on the site because in the past their vegetarian items contained chicken stock. The same goes for Nine Dragons.

  4. We just tried the Gardein korma and it was great! Thanks for this site. They have cartons of chocolate and plain soy milk drink here too.

  5. Hey I just went to LibertyInn and the burger bun has honey in it so it’s not vegan!!

    1. Did you see the allergy sheet? Previously it was a vegan brioche. We just had it on Saturday and it was still that bun.

  6. Went to Tokyo dining. The manager said the vegetable udon can be made vegan without tempura crunch as well as the vegetable sushi roll. Was very good!

  7. Try coral reef in Epcot- if you ask the year will bring you dairy- and egg-free bread AND earth balance! They also have a vegan option without having to change a thing!

  8. Via Napoli was super busy so we tried to go to Tutto Italia instead even though it wasn’t on the list. We had such a pleasant experience! We asked for vegan options and they gave us a separate vegetarian menu. Our server said he’d bring in his manager to speak about our vegan options. We spoke to the manager and she was very polite. I ended up getting their spaghetti with a side of vegetables (the vegetables were delicious and had a smokey taste so I believe they were roasted or grilled. Veggies includes potatoes, asparagus, and green beans). As for desert, the manager came back to help us out again and said that we could only have the strawberry sorbet. The dessert menu also has lemon sorbet but she said it wasn’t vegan. The strawberry sorbet was phenomenal! I wasn’t a huge sorbet person until now. Who needs ice cream? I hope you guys try this place out and if you have the same experience, maybe it’ll make it on the list! More vegan options whoop!!!

    1. Thank you for this comment! We’ve been meaning to add them to the list after hearing of a vegan pesto dish they made for someone recently. So happy they were able to accommodate!

  9. Hey folks, can anyone confirm or deny whether the gnocchi is vegan? I heard that it was if you ordered it without the sauce.

      1. Ya, I went through the comments before posting.

        I did check their menu and they do have some kind of chestnut gnocchi (different from their root vegetable gnocchi). It said that the gnocchi came with a buttery sauce. I’m wondering if it’s vegan minus the sauce!

      2. Were not sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if that dish doesn’t exist and the ravioli is what they have in the actual restaurant. I was told about the new ravioli dish from a cast member who works there. My guess is that they only have the one veg option.

      3. I’m going this June and will report back on what I find out 🙂

        Thank you so much for maintaining this site! You’re a life-saver!

  10. My 11-year-old daughter and I visited Epcot for the first time on March 4 and ate at Via Napoli. Our waitress was very helpful and made sure we picked vegan options. I ordered the Capricciosa Pizza (without ham and cheese), and my daughter had the Margherita Pizza (without cheese). We also ordered a side of spaghetti marinara and a side salad, both without cheese, as appetizers. (Walking around Epcot all day made us pretty hungry vegans.) The waitress said they normally put cheese in the spaghetti sauce, but she would make sure to tell the cooks not to… When it came out, I saw what was either garlic or cheese in the sauce and hoped for the former, but it was cheese. I sent it back and our waitress apologized several times. Just a few minutes later, one of the managers brought out another spaghetti stating he prepared it himself (though he also said there wasn’t cheese in the other one but this version looked very different). Both sides were very good. Our pizzas took a little while to come out but not an incredible long time especially considering how busy the place was that night. My daughter and I both enjoyed our pizzas very much… Very tasty and worth the wait. There were plenty of birthdays happening around us with slices of cake or something coming out for those getting older. We were visiting for my daughter’s birthday and she had her button on, but I wasn’t expecting anything from the restaurant knowing the desert wasn’t vegan. However, to our surprise, the wait staff made it over to our table singing and our waitress brought out a wonderful cup of sliced fruit with a candle for my girl to blow out. It was a good time. The price was only slightly more than our favorite pizza place here, so I didn’t think the tab was too expensive compared to other places at Disney World since the food and atmosphere were very enjoyable. Also, thank you very much to those behind this website. Our trip wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable without this resource.

  11. Wonderful resource. Just a correction – we had breakfast at Royal Askerhaus today and they now make a vegan plate they deliver at the table that includes asparagus, potatoes, tofu, tomatoes and a mushroom

  12. I went to Le Cellier last month for my anniversary, and the chef made me an AMAZING vegan risotto. Highly recommend if it’s available. The hostess that was there was also vegan, and our waiter told us that his girlfriend was vegan as well. Definitely felt comfortable and taken care of!

  13. Thank you so much for this website!! My husband & I are going to Disney for our honeymoon, first time since we were little with our family & definitely the first time since becoming vegan!! I love the internet haha, I am so grateful I found you 🙂

  14. The masala curry at the Rose and Crown in the UK pavilion can be made vegan. Just hold the chicken and the sauce can be made without dairy. The chips cooked in the chippy are also cooked separate and the mushy peas are delicious! They also stock rice dream ice cream 🙂

  15. Liberty Inn (World Showcase) offers the vegan BEYOND MEAT BURGER NOW! They replaced the Gardein chick’n patty with that burger and we had it yesterday, it was perfect (tastes exactly like a burger). Sad that they don’t advertise it, they should have it listed on their main menu displays so people are aware of the option! Instead, it’s practically hidden and most of the employees didn’t even know the name of the Beyond Meat burger patty. They referred to it as a veggie or beet burger. Luckily, one of the employees there was vegan herself and clarified that they swapped out the Gardein chick’n patty with the Beyond Meat burger and we were stoked! If people aren’t aware then it won’t sell well, eventually gets discontinued, and us vegans are left with even fewer options.

      1. The Garden Grill had a wonderful vegetarian meatloaf (May/June 2017). We are vegetarian not vegan so I’m not sure if this was a vegan item. But this is delicious and they also have many sides.

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