Falafel and Lentils from Tangierine Cafe

This review reflects our experience in May of 2015.

One of the most beautiful and unique pavilions in Epcot’s World Showcase is Morocco. Once you walk back into this pavilion you will truly feel as though you have been transported to Africa. This pavilion features a shopping bazaar and three different dining locations, two table services and one quick service. Tangierine Cafe is the quick service option in Morocco and features both indoor and outdoor seating. This is a great place to enjoy some veggie heavy meals with a beautiful atmosphere.

Image from TheTipsyVerse.com
Image from TheTipsyVerse.com

This is one of our favorite places to eat while in Epcot because you get a large array of food and at a very reasonable price. On the menu there are several items that can be made vegan. On the menu you will find a Falafel Wrap, Sliders Combo with Falafel and the Vegetable Platter.

Vegetable Platter
Vegetable Platter

We often go with the vegetable platter because it gives you the largest selection of food. We have found that they often change the pita bread they use, so be sure to ask if it is vegan. We have always spoken with a chef about it and on our last trip he gave us the Whole Wheat Pita package to check the ingredients. The whole wheat pitas at that time were vegan so he made note and they swapped them on our plate.


The Vegetable Platter comes with Couscous, Tabouleh, Olives, Lentil Salad, Hummus, Pita and Falafel. This is a great fresh and healthy meal in a world of french fries and veggie burgers. The falafel is fried in a shared fryer so if you avoid that you can always ask for extra of something else. The falafel is nice and crispy and not too dry on the inside.

Couscous and Olives
Couscous and Olives

The rest of the plate is full of different flavors. For the last few years the lentil salad was not vegan, we were very happy to hear they removed the mayonaise from the recipe and it is now vegan friendly! The lentil salad was very good and added something different to the plate. The tabouleh is full of flavor from fresh parsley. The couscous has a nice sweetness to it and added texture with raisins and chickpeas. A mix of olives join the plate and feature chopped green and kalamata olives.

This is a great spot to get a filling meal in Disney while trying some authentic cuisine. If it’s raining this restaurant gets very busy as 75% of the seating is outside. Now if only they would get the babaganoush from Spice Road Table then this would be our lunch everyday.

Would we go back?
Yes! We often go multiple times a trip.


Corey & Melissa


Author: VeganWDW

Two Disney loving Vegans who want to share the newest and best treats in Disney World.

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