Dining in World Showcase, Spice Road Table

This review reflects our experience in May of 2015.

Have you wanted to experience Moroccan cuisine in the comfort of Disney World? Lucky for you there is a Morocco pavilion in Disney’s Epcot! Morocco features three places to eat that include two table services and one quick service. Spice Road Table in a table service restaurant found along World Showcase Lagoon and offers a perfect viewing area for Epcot’s evening fireworks show IllumiNations.

When Spice Road Table opened in early 2014 it was considered a quick service sit down. Recently they switched Spice Road Table to a restaurant that accepts ADR’s, advance dining reservations, with this change they have expanded their menu. The menu previously only featured small plates, appetizers and drinks. The new menu now contains small plates, entrees, desserts and drinks.

View of Spaceship Earth from our table
View of Spaceship Earth from our table

When we arrived to Spice Road Table we didn’t have a reservation, the restaurant was not busy at the time and we were able to be seated. Spice Road Table features two main dining areas, one inside, where we were seated, and one outside on a patio. Had it been later in the evening for an IllumiNations viewing we would have requested the patio seating.

Previously we have tried the Rice Stuffed Grape Leaves and the Hummus and Imported Olives plates. Since they now have full entrees we requested to speak with a chef about what our other options would be. Chef Alex came out and told us we could get the Mediterranean Vegetable Platter with some changes. This dish features hummus fries, grape leaves, babaganoush, olives and pita bread. He told us the hummus fries contained egg so he would see if he could get us some couscous from Tangierine Cafe to replace them. We agreed to this and ordered the Vegetable Platter.

Mediterranean Vegetable Platter
Mediterranean Vegetable Platter

A few minutes later our plates came out and looked delicious! Chef Alex was able to get us couscous which we were very happy about.

Babaganoush and Hummus
Babaganoush and Hummus

The babaganoush was the shining star of this plate. It was the best babaganoush we had ever had. The perfect amount of smoky eggplant taste with a perfect consistency. If we could have just bought a tub of babaganoush for dinner, we would have.

Rice Stuffed Grape Leaves
Rice Stuffed Grape Leaves

The couscous was delicious as it always is from Tangierine Cafe. In the couscous you will find sliced olives, chickpeas and citrus. The grape leaves were nice and tangy with a bit of sweetness from raisins.

Spiced Pita
Spiced Pita

When you get the Vegetable Platter you get a few small pieces of pita bread. We knew this wasn’t enough bread for the amount of hummus and babaganoush we had so luckily they offer more pita when you run out. Make sure to ask for more so you can thoroughly enjoy the babaganoush and hummus.

Hummus and Olives
Hummus and Olives

We really enjoy Spice Road Table, most people over look it because of the price of the food. It is pretty pricey to eat a whole meal here. Small plates are roughly $10 and the vegetable platter is $22. But if you’re planning to share before dinner or just enjoy some Moroccan wine with a great view this is a great spot to eat and hangout.

Would we go again?
Yes, we are aware that it is expensive but the food is delicious!


Corey & Melissa


Author: VeganWDW

Two Disney loving Vegans who want to share the newest and best treats in Disney World.

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  1. Thank you two so much for sharing your experiences with fellow vegans! I am going to WDW next month and was a bit worried about my food choices or more importantly, my lack of them. Your honest reviews are truly helpful 🙂 Carol

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