Breakfast Protein Bowl at Contempo Cafe

We just stayed the weekend at Disney’s Contemporary Resort for the first time and were excited to check out what kind of breakfast options the resort was going to have. We knew that Contempo Cafe had added a vegan option for lunch and dinner but weren’t sure what to expect for their breakfast. Contempo Cafe is located on level 4 at the Contemporary and is directly next to Chef Mickey’s.

Contempo Cafe
Contempo Cafe
Contempo Cafe

Our first morning here we headed to Contempo Cafe for breakfast. The setup of this quick service is a little different as you grab your quick items then head to a register to order your food. Once ordered you’ll get a pager that will alert the cast members where you’re sitting and they will bring your food out to you.

Contempo Cafe Breakfast Menu

We ordered two Breakfast Protein Bowls (we’re not oatmeal people) and were able to get a kids Breakfast Platter made vegan. We were thinking we’d just get vegan waffles for our little dude but the cast member said they could do the platter too so that’s what we opted for.

Breakfast Protein Bowl

After a few minutes our food came out. The bowls were quite large and had several layers to them. On the bottom was breakfast potatoes, then vegan egg, some vegan sausage crumbles, random vegetables, a few cubes of tofu, and then topped off with vegan cheese shreds.

Breakfast Protein Bowl

The bowl was hefty and a ton of food. The potatoes were pretty dry but when eaten with the egg it was fine. The egg was perfectly fluffy and not weirdly grainy at all, I think all of Disney now has the new formula for JUST egg. The vegetables were okay, for whatever reason there was two raw baby carrots in both of our bowls. Otherwise the vegetables were fine, it was a mix of peppers, broccoli, and green beans.

Breakfast Protein Bowl

The sausage was the same that is on the Sicilian-Style Pizza Slice at Pizzafari. It was a great texture and when mixed together this bowl was delicious and added a nice flavor. We decided that if we get it again we’ll just split one bowl because we both struggled to finish them.

Vegan Kids Breakfast Platter

Finn’s breakfast platter came with a drink and two sides as well. We grabbed him a Silk soy milk and some Gogo Squeeze for later. The platter came with vegan sausage crumbles, vegan egg, and an allergy (vegan) waffle.

For lunch and dinner they have a Grilled Tofu Bowl that we’ve seen pretty “meh” reviews from our Instagram followers. They also have a Kale Power Greens Salad for both meals as well. I would absolutely hit up this spot again before a day at Magic Kingdom.

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Review from November 2019.


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