A Chick’n Sandwich at Liberty Inn

This post reflects our experience from September of 2016.

Do you ever have those days where you really just want french fries? No? Maybe it was just because I was pregnant at the time and really craving something salty and warm. While wandering World Showcase in Disney World’s Epcot we were searching for lunch. I was determined to get myself some french fries so I ran over to Liberty Inn.

Image from Allears.net

Liberty Inn features American food in the widely diverse World Showcase in Epcot. This restaurant features meals you find pretty much all over Disney World, but for those not looking to try Moroccan food it can be a good option. There is plenty of indoor and outdoor seating here. One of the key features of Liberty Inn is that they offer a Gardein Chick’n Breast meal. The Freshly Grilled Vegetarian “Chick’n” Breast is on the menu and is vegan without a mayo based sauce on the breast. It includes a corn salsa, guacamole, lettuce and tomato.  When we went I wasn’t looking to have this, if you’d like to see our review of it previously check it out here. Continue reading

Vegan Korma at Sunshine Seasons

This review reflects our experience from October 2015.

If you’re traveling with a wide group of eaters then you should head to Sunshine Seasons in the Land pavilion at Epcot. Sunshine Seasons is a large cafeteria style restaurant that offers several food stations  and pre-made meals, as well as allergy friendly desserts!

New menu at Sunshine Seasons
New menu at Sunshine Seasons

Previously Sunshine Seasons carried a Tamarind Vegan Beef that was made from Gardein® Beefless Tips. Around September of 2015 they changed the vegan item here to Vegan Korma with Gardein® Meatless Chik’n.  Continue reading

Chick’n Salad From Gaspirilla Island Grill

Do you ever find yourself taking a mid day break and aren’t sure of where to eat? We recently found a hidden vegan gem while taking a break from Magic Kingdom in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Garpirilla Island Grill is located in the main building of the Grand Floridian and just a quick walk from either the boat launch or monorail.

Go Raw bars
Go Raw bars
Gaspirilla Island Grill is open 24 hours but only offers fresh made-to-order grilled items from 11am-11:30pm. There are a few vegan items for if you’re on the go including Go Raw bars and pre-made salads. Occasionally you can find vegetable sushi rolls.  Continue reading

Epcot International Food and Wine Festival 2015

This review reflects our experience in September of 2015.

One of the best times to head to Walt Disney World is in the fall for the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. During this time Epcot’s World Showcase fills with various food stands that offer snack size portions of authentic international cuisine and beverages. For the last few years there was an all vegan booth sponsored by Gardein™ named Terra. We were pretty upset to hear that Terra had been removed this year until we found out that a few booths have introduced vegan items. Not only is there still vegan items, but those items are being integrated into international booths. Now vegans get to experience several booths and meat eaters can try a meatless item a try without being separated at it’s own booth.

Greece Booth
Greece Booth

Continue reading

Snacks in Epcot

If you’re planning your day in Epcot you may be wondering what kind of snacks you can get. We’ve made a list of some vegan snack options in Epcot.

Chips and Guacamole
Chips and Guacamole

8. Chips and Guacamole
If you stop by the quick service or the tequila bar in Mexico you can pick up some chips and guacamole. If you are really wanting chips and guacamole we suggest heading into La Cava del Tequila because the guac is fresh and the chips are much better then what we have received from La Cantina. This item does not accept Disney Dining Plan snack credit. Continue reading