New Vegan Entree at 50’s Prime Time Cafe

So if you’ve been following along with our posts this summer you probably saw our disappointing meal at 50’s Prime Time a few weeks ago. Luckily they held true to their word about adding a vegan options to the menu and it has finally arrived.

50’s Prime Time Cafe, thanks for the photo Jo
50’s Prime Time Cafe, thanks for the photo Jo
Menu, thanks for the photo Jo

Cousin Harold’s Plant-based Entree is vegan as is. The dish comes loaded with kale, white beans, lentils,, onion, tomatoes and a mushroom ragu. It is on top of a polenta cake and then topped with a tofu ricotta. Can we all just laugh for a second at a vegan option listed at “Market Price”?

Cousin Harold’s Plant-based Entree, thanks for the photo Jo
Cousin Harold’s Plant-based Entree, thanks for the photo Jo

Our friend Jo was the one who tried it and told us about it. She said the dish was good but she was hoping for something more similar to the other entrees on the menu for non-vegans. Everything on the menu is very home cooked comfort food-like and this didn’t really fit the vibe. But she was glad they had an option and enjoyed it.

Dessert Menu, thanks for the photo Jo

For dessert they have pulled the vegan s’mores option they had and now have a Traditional Plant-based Apple Crisp that you can get plain or A La Mode. They have also been known to (sometimes) make vegan shakes here. You can usually just get them at Tune-In Lounge too. She opted for vegan brownies instead though and said they were just okay.

Vegan Brownie, thanks for the photo Jo

I’m glad they finally have a vegan option on the menu here (for the first time in years), but I don’t think this really fits in with the rest of the menu like Jo said. I think this would be another great spot for something like the vegan Revolutionary Meatloaf from Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom. But it’s a step in the right direction and I’m sure many vegans are glad they have an option for when their family drags them here. I just don’t see myself running there to try it personally. Again, thanks for the information and photos Jo!

Author: Melissa

Back in 2014 I created Vegan Disney World after going to Walt Disney World several times and finding no resource for vegan options. Corey and I began this blog from our trips and have now moved closer to the mouse to eat around the parks on a weekly basis. Since the blog started we have cruised on Disney Cruise Line, gone to Tokyo Disneyland and to Disneyland in California!

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  1. I don’t understand why it’s been so difficult for this restaurant. Vegan sphagetti and meatballs. An impossible stuffed pepper. Veggie pot pie. Gardein fried chicken with a white gravy. These things are so easily made vegan!

  2. I tried this! As well as the apple crisp and while it wasn’t necessarily comfort food style like a lot of the menu. It had a lot of flavor, I really liked it, I also had the apple crisp a la mode. It was pretty good as well. The dairy free ice cream was great with it.

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