50’s Prime Time Cafe – at least there’s dessert

EDIT: As of August 15th they have added Cousin Heralds Plant-based Entrée to the menu and the vegan dessert now is a brownie or Plant-based Apple Crisp.

It’s been a while since we went to 50’s Prime Time Cafe in Hollywood Studios (like four years). There is a good reason for that, they pulled the vegan option a few years ago (meatless meatballs) and we were severely disappointed in our pasta. But this last spring they tested out a vegan option as the Blue Plate Special which featured polenta, various vegetables, and a vegan ricotta. Since then they have stopped doing that option and we went with family to see what they are offering now.

Allergy Menu June 2019

50’s Prime Time Cafe still has meatless meatballs, however, according to the allergy menu they contain egg. We have heard some mixed things about this with people being told they don’t have egg and that they do, I would honestly just skip them because that makes me nervous.

When we sat down we told our server we were vegan. She got excited and checked with the chef to see if they could make us the “Blue Plate Special” they had a few months back, but they didn’t have the ingredients for it. She told us we could have a pasta with veggies and sauce. Our toddler could’ve gotten pasta too, but we went with a Uncrustable PB&J with fruit and a GoGo Squeeze apple sauce.

Our toddler’s food came out first. It was exactly what we expected it to be.

Uncrustable, GoGo Squeeze, and fruit

Then ours came. I don’t even want to relive this meal. The veggies were not cooked through. They were crunchy raw baby carrots, green beans, and broccoli. The sauce was just a basic red sauce. The only good thing about it was the pasta was cooked well.

Pasta with vegetables
Pasta with vegetables

Honestly when our server asked us if we wanted dessert we were both about to say no. But then she told us they had two vegan options and we were interested. On the allergy dessert menu there is a vegan s’mores and a brownie. I’m so glad we got the desserts or we would’ve been hungry and disappointed after leaving.

Our server told us she could make a milkshake too but it would take a while. However the s’mores and brownie desserts could come out quick. We went ahead and ordered one of each. Within a few minutes we got our two delicious desserts.

Vegan S’Mores Dessert

The s’mores came with two Enjoy Life cookies, 8 Dandies vegan marshmallows freshly toasted, and chocolate sauce. It really hit the spot, especially after that entree. Not too sweet, different textures of gooey and crunchy. Just a solid comforting dessert. Thank you to the pastry chef who put thought in to a vegan dessert that’s different then the normal things we are usually offered (aka sorbet).

Vegan S’Mores Dessert

The brownie dessert was also very good. A big scoop of vanilla Tofutti ice cream and two slices of brownie. We wished the brownie was warm, but we didn’t hate it at room temp.

Vegan Chef’s Special Chocolate Brownie
Vegan Chef’s Special Chocolate Brownie

Our server said she thought they were going to bring back the vegan meal but they haven’t yet. She didn’t have any idea of when it would be back either. For now do yourself a favor and get the delicious Vegan Burger from ABC Commissary then go to Tune-In Lounge for dessert. You’ll thank us later.

Review from June 2019.
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