New Plant Based Guide from Disney

It has finally happened and we’re having our moment! Disney has released their first “Plant Based Guide” in Magic Kingdom! Last fall we heard that Disney was making a push to add more plant based options to their menus, but yesterday Disney blew us away and released a pamphlet for veg options in Magic Kingdom! You can pick these up at Guest Relations in Magic Kingdom.

Plant Based Dining Guide

Now the wording of Plant Based is mildly confusing because up until last week I thought that meant the food contained no dairy/eggs/etc, however I recently found out that it actually was more flexible and allowed occasional consumption of those things. That being said, this is a vegetarian guide with vegan options noted.

Plant Based Dining Guide
Plant Based Dining Guide
Plant Based Dining Guide

There are a few things I want to note about this guide as it lists some confirmed items as not vegan.

  • The Lost Princess Cone has been confirmed vegan, I assume this is not listed due to possible cross contamination with dairy. The same goes for the Pineapple Dole Whip and Orange Dole Whip which you can get both on their own and not as a vanilla swirl.
  • The Vegetarian Chili at Columbia Harbor House is vegan but comes with non vegan crackers.
  • Pinocchios Village Haus has a vegan flatbread option off menu, it is a pita crust with vegan cheese, the small print about it makes it confusing. (Also want to add that many of our readers recently have noted the wait time for this has been upwards of 30 minutes)
  • We have always been told that Pecos Bill’s Vegetable Bowl required a swap of the rice to be vegan as it contained dairy (in a cilantro pesto) so be sure to confirm that as well.
  • The Falls Family Falafel from Skipper Canteen is cooked in a shared fryer, noting is not vegan on here. However, that is up to your discretion. Additionally you need to order the Perkins Noodles without chicken to be vegan.
  • Also just a FYI the Hot Dog at Casey’s Corner is actually a Beyond Sausage, so don’t expect a veggie dog.

There are also lots of accommodating chefs at Crystal Palace and The Plaza Restaurant, so while nothing is listed as vegan you can absolutely dine there with no issue.

I was in Animal Kingdom when I received the photos of the pamphlet on Twitter so I went to Guest Relations there to see if they had anything. When I asked the cast member he wasn’t aware of what I was asking so he went to the back to get more info. He said they do not have one and was unsure of if/when they will. Since the Magic Kingdom one says “Spring 2019” I assume they will update it seasonally and will eventually roll them out in the other parks.

As a reminder, we have the Vegan Options in the Parks listed on here and update them as often as we can. I always recommend people bookmarking it for their trip. On those pages you will also find the options that can be made off menu.

Thank you Disney for realizing the need for this, please keep this trend going! Thank you to Danny and Gwen for the photos. @Pizza_Princessa


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    1. Yes, I think it may be an oversight on their part. As far as I’ve very recently checked, the ingredients list for Twinkies still has “and / or” animal shortening…? That being said, kudos to them for this guide! We’re moving in the right direction! Hope Universal follows and does a similar guide! 🙂

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