Vegan Options on the Disney Fantasy

On May 4th we embarked on a 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise on the Disney Fantasy. We were incredibly surprised at how easy it was to eat vegan on this ship and some of the options that were available.

Disney Fantasy at Castaway Cay
Disney Fantasy at Castaway Cay

Let’s get into some of the highlights from the ship!

Cabanas on Deck 11 had a Plant-Based Scramble on the buffet at the omelet section! They even had vegan cheese (Follow Your Heart) there as an option for toppings on your scramble. We did this a few times, and also got tofu scramble here. They also had vegan mickey waffles available upon request. You can also find soy milk as the station with cereal for drinking or for cereal. When special ordering, or wanting to confirm what is vegan, find a coordinator around the buffet. They typically have on a white polo and are wearing a headset.

Picture of vegan scramble with vegan cheese
Plant-Based Scramble with Vegan Cheese
Vegan mickey waffles with vegan whipped cream, strawberry sauce and syrup
Vegan Mickey Waffles with a vegan whipped cream

For lunch when we first arrived on the ship we did a walk around with a coordinator and the chef made us a vegan pasta. The pasta on the buffet has butter in it so you have to request it. They can also make stir fry or anything else you might want. There is also a decent sized salad bar there too. But for lunch after that first day we pretty much ate at Flo’s V8 Cafe every day.

Penne noodles with peppers in tomato sauce
Penne Pasta from Cabana’s

Flo’s V8 Cafe on Deck 11 has three sections, Luigi’s Pizza, Tow-Mater Grill, and Fillmore’s Favorites. Luigi’s Pizza has vegan cheese available upon request! We did this a few times and got both mozzarella and cheddar. Some times we could order it direct, other times we had to speak with a coordinator.

Vegan pizza with mozzarella
Vegan Pizza with mozzarella cheese
Vegan pizza with cheddar cheese
Vegan Pizza with cheddar cheese
Vegan pizza with jalapenos, onions and more
Vegan pizza with toppings

Tow-Mater’s had Plant-Based Sausages (Beyond Meat!) often as specials and easily available to order (aka no need for a coordinator and quick turn around). They also had a veggie burger, but it was the basic vegetable patty you can find in Disney World.

2 Plant Based BBQ Slaw Dogs
Plant-Based BBQ Slaw Dogs
2 Plant-Based Italian Dogs
Plant-Based Italian Dogs
Veggie Burger and fries
Veggie Burger and fries

Fillmore’s Favorites was a sandwich/salad station. I was able to get a vegan wrap full of vegetables here with no problem. They also had a bunch of fresh fruit available here too.


Sweet on You on Deck 11 is a ice cream shop and had two vegan flavors of ice cream available. They had chocolate and a pineapple coconut available. This is at an extra cost.

Vegan Chocolate and Pineapple Coconut Ice Cream
Vegan Chocolate and Pineapple Ice Cream
Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream in cup
Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

We were able to order some vegan ice cream, and Enjoy Life Cookies, from room service, which is included on Disney Cruise Line. Just be sure to tip them. I got three large scoops of chocolate ice cream from room service.

For dinner, Disney Cruise Line is a little different than other cruise lines as they do rotational dining (so you don’t eat in the same spot for 7 nights). There are three main dining rooms for dinner on the ship and you change restaurants every night but your service staff stays with you. Our rotation started at Royal Court, then Animator’s Palate, and lastly Enchanted Garden before repeating back at Royal Court. Each menu had a vegetarian section for the entrees and almost each night one dish was vegan as is on it.

Mushroom Ravioli
Mushroom Ravioli without parmesan from Royal Court
Grilled tofu, israeli couscous and vegetables
Grilled Tofu from Royal Court
Black bean cakes on bed of rice
Black Bean Cakes from Animator’s Palate

Each night we would receive the menu for the next night to pre-order our meals to be sure they could be made vegan. For appetizers there were only two nights we had an actual option, we were able to get two soups during the week too. We often just ordered a salad with balsamic dressing for each meal too.

We did have one night of a hiccup where we were told something couldn’t be vegan, then that the chef was going to do it vegan, but then that night I was very ill. So I think that may not have actually been vegan, but our servers were amazing about the whole situation and went above and beyond the rest of the week assuring we were okay. (Thank you again Plamen, Bien, and Shanice!!)

There is bread service nightly, if the bread or dip was vegan we would get it. If not we would get standard vegan rolls (that were delicious) and vegan butter. We were very surprised that each night we had an actual dessert. We never once just ate plain sorbet. We had rice puddings, cakes, ice cream sundae type things, and more.

Brownie with sorbet
Brownie/Cookie with Sorbet from Royal Court
Chocolate cake with happy anniversary chocolate
Vegan cake for our anniversary

For Finn’s food each night we also pre-ordered. For vegan kids they can do a bunch of options from tofu and rice, pasta, pizza, and even vegan gluten free mac and cheese! Basically anything you think your kid will eat, they can do. He also had a big glass of soy milk every night.

Kids tofu with rice and steamed vegetables
Tofu, Rice, and Steamed Vegetables from Royal Court
Kids vegan mac and cheese, fries and apple slices
Kids Vegan Mac and Cheese from Animator’s Palate

For breakfast one day we did the Disney Junior Character Breakfast, which must be pre-booked before your cruise. The night before this we pre-ordered our meals as usual. We requested the Plant-Based Scramble and potatoes. We got just that, so if you want something with a bit more to it, be sure to request that (like mushrooms, cheese etc). We also requested vegan Mickey waffles and fruit for Finn. The characters at the meal were Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, Vamparina, and Mickey Mouse. If you have younger Disney Junior fans, be sure to book this.

Finn with Mickey
Disney Junior Character Breakfast
Plant-based scramble with potatoes
Plant-Based Scramble from the Disney Junior Character Breakfast

On Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island) we had preordered a vegan pizza for Finn and some fries. When we ordered the night before they showed me the menu for the buffet at Cookie’s BBQ and there was going to be a handful of sides that were vegan as well as a vegetable burger and vegetarian bean chili so we ate off the buffet for us.

Characters in front of ship at Castaway Cay
Castaway Cay

A few other things to note, we booked our son in the Small World Nursery (age 6 month to 3 years) a few times. Each time we did you can note snacks or drinks that are okay for them, on the list they had Soy and Rice milk available. Additionally it is a peanut free area (our son is allergic to peanuts), and they did a great job with special diets in there. I would assume this goes for the Oceaneer Club/Lab for older children.


I stopped in Vista Cafe, one of the coffee shops on the ship (Cove Cafe is another), and found out they had both soy and almond milk available. We also overheard someone order a latte with almond milk at the bar in Cabanas one morning.

Pool Area
Deck 11, Pool Area

Frozone Treats on Deck 11 had rum dole whip drinks, but they were very frothy and not soft serve like we’re used to. It was kind of rough to drink if I’m being totally honest. They were in those pre-mixed spinning drink things you often get slushies from if that gives you an idea.

Lastly, Senses Juice Bar next to the spa and fitness center is a great spot. They have smoothies and fresh juices with almond and soy milk available. These are an extra cost, but absolutely worth it. They have a menu with options to choose from or you can create your own.

We decided to try something new for this trip and actually vlogged our whole trip! If you want to see everything we ate, some highlights from the ship, and more, be sure to check out our vlog! We had such a great time and I can’t wait to do my next Disney Cruise!

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Author: Melissa Kramer

Back in 2014 I created Vegan Disney World after going to Walt Disney World several times and finding no resource for vegan options. Corey and I began this blog from our trips and have now moved closer to the mouse to eat around the parks on a weekly basis. Since the blog started we have cruised on Disney Cruise Line, gone to Tokyo Disneyland and to Disneyland in California!

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  1. That’s awesome. We’re headed on Disney Wonder in July to cruise Alaska. The dining choices on the web allows you to select VEGAN so I’m hoping our options are as wonderful as your experience was. Fingers crossed!!!

    1. Our friend is on the Wonder right now and said she has everything we had except finding vegan ice cream there is harder. Have a great time!!

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