Skipper Canteen – Perkins Thai Noodles

Man oh man we have been sleeping on Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen in Magic Kingdom for a long time. We originally went to this restaurant when it first opened and didn’t necessarily love it. The atmosphere was great, if you’ve ever been on the Jungle Cruise you should generally know what to expect, and the jokes were bad (in a good way) as always, but the food didn’t leave us wanting to come back.

Skipper Canteen entrance
Skipper Canteen

After a year or so they updated their menu, but we were still put off from going. We finally went and were pleasantly surprised at what we found. On the menu they have several items that are vegan as is and a few that require modifications.

Skipper Canteen Menu April 2019
Skipper Canteen Menu April 2019
Skipper Canteen Menu April 2019
Skipper Canteen Menu April 2019
Beer in Magic Kingdom!

We started with the Fall’s Family Falafel, which used to need a modification but are now vegan as is (if you are okay with a shared fryer). The falafel comes on an edamame hummus and was crispy and delicious. The flavor was very good on this and it was easy to share.

5 pieces of falafel on hummus
Fall’s Family Falafel

For our entrees we got the Perkins Thai Noodles without chicken, which makes it vegan. This whole dish was super flavorful and had a bit of heat to it. The tofu was crispy and it came with a ton of vegetables.

Perkins Thai Noodles without chicken

The noodles were in a soy-chili garlic sauce which was incredible. Everything about this dish was great and we will absolutely be eating here again.

Perkins Thai Noodles without chicken

As for the other vegan options here, you can get the Shikari Noodle Salad appetizer made vegan by swapping the noodles, and the Curried Vegetable Crew Stew by swapping the rice for plain rice. For dessert the current option is just sorbet.

Price $$$
Review from April 2019

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  1. I absolutely love Thai food, and more specifically, when it’s environmentally conscious! I personally have never been to Disneyland but I think that it’s great that you have an entire blog devoted to dishes offered at The Walt Disney World park that provides honest reviews about vegan dishes. If I ever am lucky enough to get the chance to visit the park, this will absolutely be one of the first restaurants I visit– specifically to try out this dish.

  2. We were there in April. They were hesitant to modify the sauce…. my girls won’t do spicy. Seemed very put off that we were vegan. Said “we have no dessert to offer” but did give the kids fruit. With only one dish to choose from and being slightly rude, won’t be going back

    1. Sorry to hear that, unfortunately one bad cast member can really ruin an experience. Thanks for the heads up about the sauce modification though!

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