Sunshine Seasons Grab and Go

This review reflects our experience in May of 2015.

Typically the grab and go cases throughout Disney World only feature meat sandwiches and fish filled sushi, but that’s not the case at Sunshine Seasons. Sunshine Seasons is located on the ground level of The Land pavilion next to Soarin’ and Living with the Land. This cafeteria style restaurant features several vegan friendly items.

The Land Pavilion - Image from
The Land Pavilion – Image from

When you walk into Sunshine Seasons you will find a whole section of Allergy Friendly sweets which offers cookies and brownies from the brand Enjoy Life. If you check out the cold cases you will find Vegetable Sushi Rolls, Vegetable Wraps and a Vegetarian Entree.

Veggie Wrap Ingredients
Veggie Wrap Ingredients

Luckily each item in the case has an ingredient list on the label so you actually know what you’re getting. Since everything is prepackaged you can not swap anything if there’s something you don’t want to eat. There are plenty of warm food stations that will be able to accommodate you. During our last trip we decided to give the cold items a try, we got both the Veggie Wrap and the Vegetarian Entree.

Veggie Wrap
Veggie Wrap

The Veggie Wrap was just okay. The flavor of really anything was pretty non-existent and the wrap itself was very mushy. The wrap had arugula, eggplant, zucchini, sun-dried tomato and hummus in it. It also apparently had balsamic in it, which I could not taste.

Veggie Wrap Close Up
Veggie Wrap Close Up

The wrap reminded me of the basic bland veggie wraps you can find all throughout Disney property, whether they’re made fresh or not. If you’re looking for something to pick up quickly or are just wanting something to eat later this is a good option because it can stand to sit for a while without getting really gross.

Hummus Platter
Vegetarian Entree

The Vegetarian Entree is another great option if you’re thinking quick and shareable food. The platter includes hummus, pita, tabbouleh, couscous and a sun-dried tomato hummus. The pita seemed to be more of a whole wheat but was quite good. The sun-dried tomato hummus is more like a sauce, we typically don’t eat it.


The tabbouleh and couscous are almost exactly like Tangierine Cafe’s. This is a great item to share with others for a light meal. Sunshine seasons offers fresh fruit, chips and cookies as sides so this is a great place to stock up on afternoon snacks.

Bonus! Sunshine Seasons recently replaced the Vegan Tamarind Beef from the Asian Noodles station with a Vegan Korma that features Gardein™ Chick’n Strips. Can’t wait to try it!

Would we go back?
We always do, it’s an easy place to take a break and enjoy a meal.


Corey & Melissa

Author: Melissa Kramer

Back in 2014 I created Vegan Disney World after going to Walt Disney World several times and finding no resource for vegan options. Corey and I began this blog from our trips and have now moved closer to the mouse to eat around the parks on a weekly basis. Since the blog started we have cruised on Disney Cruise Line, gone to Tokyo Disneyland and to Disneyland in California!

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  1. Have you guys seen the new (to me, anyways) breakfast wrap? Breakfast Power Wrap with Wild Rice, Sweet Potatoes, Blueberries, Avocado, and Tofu

    Looks promising as a vegan (hopefully) breakfast with actual protein!

  2. Unfortunately, the wraps don’t list the ingredients (just the fillings). Once I sent some CMs on a bit of a goose chase to get a label and there were some iffy ingredients. I feel like they used to have more vegan options here–I was a fan of the cherry-apricot-ginger couscous and the tabbouleh. Still a good place to grab a quick salad, though.

  3. I don’t know if you’ve been to Food and Wine yet this year, but I stopped by the other day and noticed they have two options, one at the South Korea stand – Korean BBQ, and the other at the Greece stand, Moussaka. Both items appear to be sponsored by Gardein.

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