Liberty Tree Tavern, Vegetarian Proclamation

This review reflects our experience in May of 2015.

If you’re been reading Vegan Disney World for a while, you may have read our last experience at Liberty Tree Tavern. If you did read it, you will know we weren’t really fans of their dish. Apparently we weren’t the only ones because they changed the item after too many “not great” reviews. This is our experience here in May 2015.

Coloring before lunch
Coloring before lunch

Liberty Tree Tavern is located in the Magic Kingdom in Liberty Square. This restaurant offers a table service lunch and a family style dinner. If you are going to eat here we suggest going during lunch as the vegan item on the menu is not listed for dinner so you would be paying dinner pricing.

Vegetarian Proclamation
Vegetarian Proclamation

Recently Liberty Tree Tavern updated their vegan item from a veggie burger to a veggie sandwich. The Vegetarian Proclamation is a roasted seasonal vegetable sandwich with a vegan mayo and sweet potato fries or fruit. When we ordered this we both substituted our sweet potato fries for regular fries, we didn’t enjoy the sweet potato fries during our last visit.

Close up
Close up

The sandwich was very hard to eat. The bread was very dense and thick which made it hard to bite into while all the vegetables slid right off the sandwich. The vegetables weren’t very flavorful and seemed very watery. In the sandwich was eggplant, squash, portobello, red pepper, onion, greens and tomato. I think if they either used a softer bread or didn’t stack so many vegetables on it this would be more enjoyable.

Vegetarian Proclomation
Vegetarian Proclamation

The vegan mayo was more of a tangy ranch than mayonnaise. It really saved the sandwich adding some much needed flavor. The consistency was runny enough that you could dip your sandwich triangles in it. As a whole this sandwich was just, okay. It was better than their previous item but they still haven’t won us over. We enjoyed the regular fries over their sweet potato fries.

FYI: Liberty Tree Tavern will be closed from July 6th – November 20th 2015 for refurbishment.

Would we go again?
Probably, I would rather eat this than a veggie burger from Pecos Bill’s, especially for essentially the same price.


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