Vegan Breakfast Options at Centertown Market

I’ve been continuing my hunt trying the various resort breakfast options around property. The other day Corey and I went to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort to check out the vegan options at Centertown Market. As a reminder, you do not have to be staying at a resort to eat there.

Centertown Market

Centertown Market is this resorts main quick service restaurant located next to the lobby. Currently it is the main restaurant that is open at this resort. They have lots of indoor and outdoor seating options. Just like all other quick service locations, you are supposed to mobile order here on the My Disney Experience app. Luckily there is a plant-based section when ordering so it’s super easy!

Centertown Market indoor seating
Centertown Market outdoor seating

When mobile ordering you select a pick up window for you meal. Once you’re near Centertown Market you select “prepare my order” and wait a bit. We ordered three items from the menu as they were all under the plant-based section. I believe it took about 10-15 minutes to get our food.

Plant-based Harvest Breakfast, Avocado Toast, Steel-cut Oatmeal

First up was the Plant-based Harvest Breakfast. This option isn’t listed on the menu for some reason, but it is on the menu when you’re ordering. This breakfast features vegan egg, vegan sausage, an allergy friendly Mickey Waffle (which are vegan and gluten free), and breakfast potatoes.

Plant-based Harvest Breakfast

This breakfast is like the perfect vegan version of a standard American breakfast. Everything in this bowl was actually really good too! The JUST Egg was cooked very well, and even without a vegan cheese or much seasoning it was still very enjoyable. The texture was nice and there was plenty of it.

Plant-based Harvest Breakfast

The breakfast potatoes were also very good, they were well seasoned and nice and soft. You can get just a side of these potatoes if you don’t want the whole bowl. They were very good when you mixed them up with the vegan egg.


The Mickey Waffle was really good, it had a nice cake like inside, but was crunchier on the outside. I know that the allergy waffles can be super hit or miss. Also is it just me, or are these smaller than they used to be?

Mickey Waffle
Mickey Waffle

I did have to grab some syrup at the condiment bar, so be sure to not forget that! You can also order the allergy Mickey waffles as it’s own meal, so if you don’t want the whole Harvest Breakfast, or just want more waffles, you can still do that too.

Plant-based Harvest Breakfast

The sausage was fine, it was cooked well. They use Beyond Sausages around the parks, and I really hope they eventually start to carry the breakfast sausages from Beyond instead of serving a brat with breakfast. I can dream, right?

The next entree for breakfast is the Avocado Toast. Upon reading the description of the toast and seeing the photo of it on the mobile ordering menu, I wasn’t super excited about it. The description of it lists Avocado, Tomatoes, Oranges, Pickled Onions, and Sriracha Mayonnaise. I love avocado toast, but it has to be done right. The photo of this makes it look like you barely get any avocado and that it’s mostly tomatoes and oranges (what? why?). But as you can see, ours did not look like that.

Avocado Toast

First off, when I picked up the piece of toast, I carefully did so with two hands because it looked like it would be heavy and most breads wouldn’t be able to hold all that. But not this bread, this bread was thick and super toasted and I was able to hold the toast with one hand and the bread stayed completely straight.a


The bread itself wasn’t very warm. But I think that may have been due to the avocado on top. The avocado was very cool. Like COLD COLD. So cold that you couldn’t taste the avocado, you know what I mean?

Avocado Toast

I was very hesitant with the whole addition of oranges, but I’m willing to try whatever. I was surprised that the oranges worked with this, but really all I could taste was the tomatoes and smell the oranges.

Avocado Toast

The toast description also mentions that it has an sriracha mayo on it. For how much mayo was visibly on the toast, all I got was a very mild heat. I only noticed because there was a weird low heat in the back of my throat that just didn’t make sense while I was eating the toast. I was pretty disappointed with this, as avocado toast is usually my non-vegan restaurant go-to for breakfast.

The last vegan option here was Steel-cut Oatmeal. The menu just said it comes with nuts and dried fruit. And that was all it came with.

Steel-cut Oatmeal

The oats tasted like absolutely nothing. It had a gelatinous film layer on the top, so it had clearly been sitting for a bit. Had I REALLY wanted to eat this, I would have dumped a container of syrup in it to be able to eat it. The candied walnuts on it were the only redeeming thing. I ate one bite of this and was done.


For breakfast this was a pretty good spot as there are options here with meals to fit several types of breakfast eaters. While I expected to like the toast the best, both Corey and I agreed that the Harvest Breakfast was the best entree we had. While I wouldn’t be able to eat that every day for breakfast, it would be a nice treat while staying at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.

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Review from May 2021.

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Author: Melissa Kramer

Back in 2014 I created Vegan Disney World after going to Walt Disney World several times and finding no resource for vegan options. Corey and I began this blog from our trips and have now moved closer to the mouse to eat around the parks on a weekly basis. Since the blog started we have cruised on Disney Cruise Line, gone to Tokyo Disneyland and to Disneyland in California!

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