Late night eats at All Star Movies Resort

We recently stayed a couple nights at Disney’s All Star Movies resort which is in the process of being renovated. Disney’s All Star Movies Resort is considered a Value level resort. We were able to get one of the newly renovated rooms and were impressed with the changes.

Fantasia Section at All Star Movies Resort
Refurbished All Star Movies Room
Refurbished All Star Movies Room
Refurbished All Star Movies Room
Refurbished All Star Movies Room

The new rooms have a pull down bed like at Pop Century, vinyl linoleum floors, and most importantly, COFFEE!

101 Dalmatians Section at All Star Movies Resort
Toy Story Section at All Star Movies Resort

While staying here we checked out the World Premiere Food Court to scout the vegan options. We found a Vegetable Burger (which is Beyond Meat) which comes with sun-dried tomato hummus and charred onions.

Vegetable Burger on menu
Vegetable Burger

While the hummus on a burger seemed odd, it worked like a creamy mayo and we enjoyed it. The burger was cooked well too. For having simple toppings on it, it was pretty tasty.

Vegetable Burger

Chef Sydney was also great. When we ordered she offered to clean the cooktop for us and scrubbed that thing down. It’s always nice to meet a chef who actually understands and cares about vegan options.

Chef Sydney

We also were able to get a vegan pizza here thanks to Chef Anthony. The vegan pizza is a special crust, and they said with enough notice they can let the dough rise for longer. This pizza was the best one we have ever had on Disney property. It took about 20 minutes but was absolutely worth it. Especially when we got to spend some time with the wonderful manager Jamess, I mean look at that jacket.

Jamess the manager
Vegan Pizza

On the pizza was banana peppers, mushroom, red peppers, onions and a chunky tomato sauce with Daiya cheese. I made a joke at one point while eating it if it was even vegan because of how good this was.

Vegan Pizza

With the pizza we were given a salad. It was just a mix of plain lettuce and some balsamic dressing. Nothing special. Both the burger and the pizza are available for lunch, dinner, and on the late night menu.

Salad with Balsamic Dressing
Salad with Balsamic Dressing

Not on the late night menu we noticed they have Seitan Scramble, which sounds a lot like the one at Art of Animation’s Landscape of Flavors. It’s great seeing all these resorts coming out with multiple options easily available on the menus for us.

Price $
Review from August 2019.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Chef Anthony was not there but chef Paul took good care of me. Cast members first tried to tell me they didn’t have vegan pizza. I told them chef Anthony served it to “some friends of mine”! So they paged chef Paul to come out and be said no problem!!

    1. *he said
      The crust didn’t seem to be the same one you got. Mine was really crispy and thin. And he didn’t use Daiya. It tasted like Follow Your Heart mozzarella. Mine had spinach, artichoke, red bell peppers, onion, banana peppers, and edimame, in addition to the cheese. It was fine…i mean, you know, i ate it, it’s just not likely i’d make a special trip to come back for it again

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