Erin McKenna’s Soft Serve

This review reflects our experience from October 2015.

One of the best treats in Walt Disney World can be found at The Landing in Disney Springs. Here you’ll find Erin McKenna’s Bakery, formally Babycakes, which features top allergen friendly bakery items. Erin McKenna’s is completely vegan and gluten free!

Erin McKenna's Menu Board
Erin McKenna’s Menu Board

Erin McKenna’s features tons of treats that you would find in any other bakery. The cases are full of cupcakes, donuts, breads, cookies and more!ย 

Vanilla Cupcakes
Chocolate Brownie and Blondie Cupcakes

Erin Mckenna’s has tons of cupcake flavors that change often. The donuts they make here are cake style and incredibly delicious.

Donut Case
Donut and TeaCake Case

We often will pick up some of the TeaCakes to have in our room for breakfast. These items tend to keep well in the fridge for just that.

Cookie Sandwiches
Cookie Sandwiches

One of our absolute most haves from here are the Cookie Sandwiches. Two chocolate chip cookies with smushed frosting in between. We have seen both the dipped and not dipped cookie sandwiches.


Erin McKenna’s features several savory items including this focaccia bread. We have also seen cheddar biscuits and bagels.

Vanilla Chocolate Swirl
Vanilla Chocolate Swirl

New this fall Erin McKenna’s released a vegan soft serve! The soft serve is coconut milk based and absolutely delicious. The texture closely resembled what I had remembered soft serve being like.

Chocolate Soft Serve
Chocolate Soft Serve

When we were there in October they had toppings available for the soft serve. I personally did not try any as I just wanted to be able to taste the ice cream. Corey got the caramel sauce on his first cup and he didn’t really like it. He said that it didn’t taste like caramel and it was all he could taste.

During the week of our trip we stopped by twice for this and were pleased each time. We have recently seen people getting the soft serve in cones, which we will be trying next time!

Special Order Cake
Special Order Cake
Cinnamon Toasty
Cinnamon Toasty

We recently ordered a cake to enjoy for dessert after dinner. After our meal they brought out our cake and we were able to dive right in. We ordered a Cinnamon Toasty cake and it was delicious. After eating they boxed up the rest of the cake and we were able to take it back to our resort to enjoy the rest of the trip.

If you call before your trip they can deliver their delicious treats to most places on Disney property. We have had cookies and donuts delivered to our room and cakes to restaurants for special occasions. If you’re in Disney celebrating a birthday or anniversary I really recommend special ordering a cake or anything else to guarantee a sweet treat, as not all Disney restaurants offer much of a vegan dessert. To order a special delivery, callย 855.462.2292.

Would we go back?
Every trip! We’v loved everything we’ve had here.


Corey & Melissa


Author: VeganWDW

Two Disney loving Vegans who want to share the newest and best treats in Disney World.

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