Custom Wrap at Port Orleans French Quarter

This review reflects our experience in October 2015.

During our last visit we stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter for the first time. We had frequented the resort’s sister property, Port Orleans Riverside, but avoided French Quarter because it does not have a table service restaurant, and because we thought the Mardi Gras theming would be over-done. To our surprise, the property was beautifully appointed throughout, and we had a very pleasant at the one quick service dining location, Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory.

Grab and Go Vegan Snacks
Grab and Go Vegan Snacks

This dining option is a typical quick service with various stations to choose from. During lunch and dinner the stations included a wrap station, a grill that featured burgers, and two others that included pizzas and various hot sandwiches. There was also a grab-and-go section and a dessert counter.

We noticed that the burger station did offer a veggie burger, so we asked a chef about possibly creating a wrap for us using the veggie burger if it was indeed vegan. He checked and confirmed that it was, along with the spinach wrap itself, and created a delicious off-the-menu item for us that was large, filling and well worth what it cost. He also mentioned that he had created his own three bean salad that was vegan, so we opted for that as a side. The chef and other Cast Members were incredibly helpful, they seemed excited to be making something that was not on a regular menu.

Veggie Burger Wrap with Bean Salad
Veggie Burger Wrap with Bean Salad

Our wraps consisted of a warm veggie burger patty, chickpeas, greens, tomatoes, peppers and light oil and vinegar dressing. The vegetables were very fresh and the wraps were quite large – we could have easily split one between the two of us. The bean salad was a lovely surprise, made with red kidney beans, white beans and chickpeas in a light vinegar and red onion coating.

Veggie Burger Wrap
Veggie Burger Wrap

The portion was also generous, about three quarters of a cup. The total for the two of us was less than 20 dollars, which we thought was quite fair for a custom-made large amount of food.

Would we go back?
Yes! Great food and excellent service. I would recommend going at an off-peak time if you plan on asking for a special item.


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  1. Have you found any resorts on property to be more vegan friendly than others? We’ve stayed at pop century and all star movie resorts and neither had many vegan options.. Thanks!

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