Buffalo Cauliflower from Ale & Compass

Disney’s Yacht Club has one of the most low key vegan friendly spots in Disney World. Ale & Compass is a restaurant and a lounge which offers vegan items for all three meals. We have eaten at Ale & Compass for each meal at this point and at the lounge a few times as well. One time when we were there we spoke with a chef about getting the Buffalo Cauliflower vegan and she was able to make it vegan for us with a vegan ranch. When we got it, it was rough, the cauliflower was basically soaked in a hot sauce and not really a buffalo. If you’ve read our posts for a while you know we aren’t shy when it comes to heat, but this was totally unenjoyable to eat. Because of this we’ve been hesitant to try it again.

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That being said, the other day we waited out a storm at Ale & Compass Lounge and decided to give the cauliflower another shot. We double checked with the bartender for if we could still get it vegan and if they could still do a vegan ranch (this was the deal breaker). He came back and said the chef could do it and we put in an order for it. It is not vegan as is on the menu, so be sure to order it vegan.

Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower
Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower

The Buffalo Cauliflower came out quickly and looked and smelled great. The cauliflower was sitting in a skillet with a ton of buffalo sauce. This time it wasn’t even remotely as hot as the first time, but absolutely still had a good kick to it.

Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower

The ranch is great. When we spoke to the chef about it a few months ago she said she was using WayFare sour cream to make it, I assume this is still the case but it may have changed. The ranch is super creamy and is good amount for all the cauliflower.

Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower

We basically destroyed this immediately upon arrival. I’m so glad we decided to give this another try. You can get this both in the Lounge and in the restaurant.

Review from July 2019.
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