Ale and Compass – Lunch

Bacon. Cheese. Burger.

When you hear these words, your probably don’t think ‘Hey, lets go to Disney for one.’ But now you can. The new Ale & Compass restaurant in the Yacht Club has a 100% vegan bacon cheeseburger, the Grilled Vegan Plant-based “Bacon Cheeseburger.” We were very skeptical. Especially since in the description there is mayo on the bread. When we sat down we told our waitress we were vegan and to leave off the mayo. She said “I’m pretty sure the mayo is vegan too, but let me double check”. So she did and when she came back we were both thrilled to find out even the mayo is vegan! Needless to say we both ordered one.

Vegan Bacon Cheeseburger

And there it is, a bacon cheeseburger from Disney. We tried all of the components separately to guess what brands they were. The bacon is Sweet Earth, the cheese is Daiya, and the patty is a Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat. Also on the sandwich were sautéed mushrooms & onions; along with the mayo, which was delicious. It comes on multigrain toast instead of a bun. But we didn’t miss the bun. It was so good. Our only wish is that the cheese was melted. Paired with the side of truffle fries, we both knew this was our new favorite meal at Disney. They only serve this item at lunch time, there is also a “Protein Bowl” (with vegan sausage!) available at lunch and dinner.

Vegan Bacon Cheeseburger with chips (Easter Brunch 2018).

The Ale & Compass Restaurant has great vegan options for all three meals, we’ll definitely be back.

Price? $$
This review is from January 2018

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8 thoughts

  1. Oh my gosh! This looks so good! I just saw the meaty version on the menu though. Do we think this is still an option now?

    1. Yep, they still have it =) “Grilled Vegan Plant-based Cheeseburger Caramelized Mushroom, Onions, Lettuce, Tomato, and Spiced Mayonnaise with fresh Fruit” They do also have an actual meatbased Bacon Cheeseburger too, lol, so you can bring your carnivorous friends with you too.

  2. We had this (and also the protein bowl with the veggie sausage) and both were phenomenal. I never paid Ale & Compass much attention before but now it’s becoming one of our favourites!! We’re both really happy that Beyond Burger is popping up throughout Disney. Vegan and also gluten-free and soy-free (not to mention the tastiest veg burger I’ve had other than the Impossible Burger) it’s such a crowd-pleaser among our veg friends & family =)

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