Ordering with Amazon Prime Now while in Walt Disney World

Even with access to a car, shopping for vegan groceries on vacation can be inconvenient while vacationing in Walt Disney World. We’ve found that traveling with an almost two year old is enough of a challenge, and were looking for a better way to purchase groceries for our resort stay.

Amazon Prime Now is our new favorite option for many reasons. The service is free (for Prime members) for orders over 35 dollars! You get to choose a two-hour delivery window for your order. Also, Amazon Prime Now includes Whole Foods products, including the 365 Everyday line, in select areas, including Orlando.

365 Everyday Value

A few notes: you will need to be an Amazon Prime member and install the app on your mobile device, they currently do not offer alcohol, and although the service is free, a tip for your driver will be added to the cost of the order (you can edit it up or down – but remember that good tipping is good karma!).

The process is pretty simple:

Log into the app and enter the zip code of your resort.

Prime Now

Shop! Add items to your cart.

When you check out, leave instructions including your reservation number and for the items to be left at Bell Services. Bell Services will even refrigerate cold items for you! This also goes for if you bring your own groceries and your room is not ready.

Prime Now

Track your order and get notified when it arrives. Call Bell Services and have them deliver it to your room (and don’t forget to tip Bell Services, too!).

So, what did we order? Some of our items included Seventh Generation diapers and wipes, produce items, 365 Everyday instant oatmeal cups (so good!), bread, bottled water, Vans frozen waffles (check that your resort fridge has a freezer! We found that our studio at the Polynesian did not!), hummus, soy milk, soy creamer, baby food pouches, and sun butter.

Prime Now Order
Prime Now Order

The process worked wonderfully and even though items were delivered before we checked in, they were kept safely for us at Bell Services and brought up to our room within 15 minutes of us calling.

This was a great option that we will definitely use again.

Want some good options to pack and take with you? Here are some shelf-stable ideas that we often enjoy:

We love the instant oatmeals and soups, you can even just use your rooms coffee maker for hot water to cook them if you don’t have a microwave.

What are your favorite snacks and items to bring with you?

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Author: Melissa Kramer

Back in 2014 I created Vegan Disney World after going to Walt Disney World several times and finding no resource for vegan options. Corey and I began this blog from our trips and have now moved closer to the mouse to eat around the parks on a weekly basis. Since the blog started we have cruised on Disney Cruise Line, gone to Tokyo Disneyland and to Disneyland in California!

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  1. I worked front desk at a disney resort. They will charge you a fee if it goes to the package office. It can only be delivered directly into your hands or to the package office. Which often runs only at business hours.If you are not on property Front desk, concierge and bell stand are NOT permitted to hold it or store it for you. Especially perishable foods. You will have to meet them in the lobby cause often they cant get to rooms to deliver stuff. From our side. It was a nightmare. But you can call the hotel and often they have a company they will recommend for grocery delivery and who work with them.

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