Vegetarian Sushi at Tokyo Dining

This review reflects our experience in May of 2014.

Looking for a quiet restaurant with great views of World Showcase? Check out Tokyo Dining in the Japan Pavilion. Tokyo Dining is located in the same building as the restaurant Teppan Edo. Teppan Edo is a hibachi style steakhouse and Tokyo Dining is a sushi restaurant.

Windows facing World Showcase
Windows facing World Showcase

There are two great areas to be seated in this restaurant, if you are there late enough to watch Illuminations you should ask for a table by the window. There is also an area with sushi chefs working near tables which can be entertaining. There is a TV on a wall and sometimes they will demo how to roll sushi. 

Sushi Chef View
Sushi Chef View

This restaurant is relatively quiet, and a completely different atmosphere then it’s neighbor Teppan Edo. Tokyo Dining is a one of my go to ADR (advance dining reservation) restaurants. We have been here twice and will be going back each trip. This review is from our most recent trip in May 2014.

Vegetarian Menu
Vegetarian Menu

Tokyo Dining offers a vegetarian menu and has a fantastic drink selection. Both times we have been here we have interacted with the same manager. He is very knowledgeable about what is and isn’t vegan and does a great job with telling the waitresses what to change on our order. The Vegetable Tempura and Sushi is almost vegan except for the tempura. They use an egg wash on it so instead of tempura we received steamed vegetables. There is an edamame appetizer which we ordered the first time we went that was good, it was cold though which we weren’t expecting.

Vegetable Sushi
Vegetable Sushi

The plate is huge! The sushi is rolled with cucumber, avocado, kanpyo, carrot and ginger and has been perfect both times we’ve been. The seaweed salad is my favorite part, it has just the right flavor is sesame. The sunomomo is a cucumber salad(top right on the plate) which is a similar to the seaweed salad but a bit more sweet. The steamed vegetables and rice almost isn’t necessary with the amount of food on the plate, but they are cooked perfectly and have a great fresh flavor. You could probably order just the Vegetable Sushi roll as an entree if you aren’t hungry enough for the whole plate with steamed vegetables.

Corey ready to eat
Corey ready to eat

The plate has a lot of food on it and it is extremely filling. If you’re not too hungry then it is a great meal to share with someone. Since the sushi doesn’t contain fish (otherwise it wouldn’t be vegan!) if you don’t finish it all, it’s great to eat the next day for a snack in your room, I know this from personal experience. Tokyo Dining offers a fruit dessert for vegans, but we have been too full each time to even consider it. Bonus, if you’re traveling with kids, they get to enjoy their sushi out of this adorable monorail plate!

Monorail Plate
Monorail Plate

This meal is definitely one of my favorites. I love the atmosphere here and the view of Illuminations would be fantastic. The meal is worth the money for the amount of food you receive.

Would we go back?
Yes! Every trip!


Melissa & Corey


Author: VeganWDW

Two Disney loving Vegans who want to share the newest and best treats in Disney World.

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  1. Oooh! Just made a reservation for Tokyo Dining, and can’t wait to eat here now! Loving your blog…it’s is a great resource for Disney-loving vegans! 🙂

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