Vegan at Sea on the Disney Magic

Our friend Joanne just got back from sailing on the Disney Magic while they’re running sailings out of the UK. This was her first Disney Cruise Line sailing and she ate very well on her 3-night sailing. Let’s see what the offerings were as they are usually the same on both the Wonder and the Magic.

Disney Magic
Captain Minnie and Captain Mickey at Embarkation

This was our very first cruise, let alone a Disney one. From parking the car to actually stepping onto the boat was just over an hour! Very smooth especially with having to wait for COVID results. We were onboard just after 2pm, our rooms wouldn’t be ready until 4pm and our dining slot was second seating 8.40pm.


We decided to have an explore of the ship and ended up in Cabanas for a bite to eat. (Cabanas is the ships buffet style dining location). After speaking to one of the hosts, apart from the salad every other option that looked vegan was cooked in butter. I was told I could select some options to be prepared without butter for me. There wasn’t a lot, so I just asked for some vegetables and the potatoes with onions that I had spotted on the line. I took a seat and the server brought them out to me not long after.

Cabanas Embarkation Day

The first evening was Rapunzel’s Royal Table, this restaurant is a dinner show style meal. On Disney Cruise Line you dine in new restaurants each night but have the same servers throughout the trip. Our head server was Kemal. I told him I required a vegan option upon sitting down so he knew for the trip, I had also already noted that on my reservation before boarding.

Rapunzel’s Royal Table
Rapunzel’s Royal Table
Rapunzel’s Royal Table Pretzel
Rapunzel’s Royal Table Pretzel

The only bread I could have was the pretzel, I was given a plant-based butter. The only appetiser was a salad, which was lettuce, carrot, cucumber, and potato with a vinaigrette dressing. It was refreshing and the dressing was nice and tangy!

Rapunzel’s Royal Table Salad

Next was a pan seared tofu and noodle dish for main course. I’m not a huge fan of tofu, it was very bland, I would have preferred it if it was more crispy and been marinated in something! There was a lot of rice noodles, I didn’t clear my plate. Again, lacking in flavour. There was a drizzle of dressing, possibly soy sauce but not enough.

Rapunzel’s Royal Table Entree

The chefs special dessert was a donut with powdered sugar, chocolate sauce, and a side of lemon sorbet! It was warm and gooey, I really enjoyed it.

Rapunzel’s Royal Table Dessert

Our server told me that he would bring over the head server who would be able to discuss my options for the following day. This was great, I was able to choose whatever I wanted ( yes really, that’s what he said ) so I gave him my order.

Rapunzel’s Royal Table

For breakfast our first full day we decided to head to Rapunzel’s Royal Table again, although our servers were at Lumiere’s. I didn’t want to spoil the experience as we were headed there for dinner that evening. We were seated and I told the server that I had pre-ordered the night before. Off he went and came back about 10 minutes later apologising that they hadn’t received my preorder .. so I ordered again.


I had a side of fruit and some allergy friendly Mickey waffles with a vegan sausage. The other ships have Beyond Sausages onboard, so I am assuming that’s what this was. What was a little strange was that it was served with tomato and cucumbers on the side, I don’t know who likes tomatoes and maple syrup! Hey ho, I finally had some Mickey waffles on my plate and that’s what I had missed so much!!!

Rapunzel’s Royal Table Breakfast
Rapunzel’s Royal Table Breakfast

As the weather was glorious we stayed on the top deck most of the day. I went to Pinocchio’s Pizzeria to order a vegan pizza. An allergy host came out and I had to wait around 10 minutes for them to make it. It was topped with mixed veg and two types of vegan cheese, one that melted and another that was of a strange consistency that hadn’t melted and had quite a spongy texture. I ended up pulling those bits off.

Pinocchio’s Pizzeria
Pinocchio’s Pizzeria
Pinocchio’s Pizzeria

That evening we dined at Lumiere’s, when we sat down I was immediatly given my own basket of breads and vegan butter.


I had pre-ordered a vegan French onion soup as an appetiser (when I asked he said they had never done one but the chef was happy to oblige). The French onion soup was delicious and came with melty vegan cheese on it.

Lumiere’s Vegan French Onion Soup
Lumiere’s Vegan French Onion Soup

For the main course I was given a pasta, the pasta was tomato based with a kick. Lacked some chunky veg though!

Lumiere’s Pasta Entree

I was given a chef’s surprise for dessert; a chocolate sponge with strawberries and strawberry sauce and chocolate sauce. The chocolate sauce was rich and slightly bitter, I enjoyed it.

Lumiere’s Vegan Dessert

What I learned from speaking to the server and giving feed back about breakfast is that we should really follow where our evenings servers are working at breakfast – this was the best tip of the trip as they are aware that you have preordered etc. (Melissa agrees 😉 )


Day 3 – For breakfast we dined at Cabanas, as advised by our server Kemal. As soon as I walked in he spotted me, I told him where I was sitting and he came out with my pre-order. Again it had to be Mickey waffles.. I asked for 2 sausages this time as I enjoyed them so much and a side of baked beans ( who doesn’t like sausage and beans ). I was also served a ‘huge’ fruit bowl.

Breakfast at Cabanas

It was another glorious day, so we spent most of the day on the top deck again. I was told that Daisy’s De-Lites would be able to make me a vegan panini. I again spoke to an allergy host who got a chef to take my order. I waited around 15 mins for it. Roasted veg, mushrooms, and caramelised onions. I found the bread very dry but the filling was tasty. I suspect the bread was gluten free.

Daisy’s De-Lites vegetable panini

That evening was Animator’s Palate. I love the theming in here!

Animator’s Palate
Animator’s Palate
Animator’s Palate

As with each dinner, I was served my own bread service with vegan butter.

Animator’s Palate Bread Service

I had ordered the potato soup ….. but the server knew how much I loved the French onion soup so I ended up with two appetisers! Both were really nice.

Animator’s Palate Potato Soup
Animator’s Palate French Onion Soup

For the main course I had ordered a curry. The curry was tomato based, very flavoursome and not too hot. Weirdly served with no rice or any sides. Maybe I should have asked for rice but I assumed it would come with it – nevertheless it was a tasty aromatic curry which I enjoyed.

Animator’s Palate Curry

Dessert was marinated pear in a raspberry sauce with a side of raspberry sorbet – delicious !

Animator’s Palate Dessert
Animator’s Palate Dessert

Day 4 – departure day 😩– Breakfast was at Animator’s Palate. We arrived at our table and it was extremely busy. I hadn’t preordered anything as 1 – I wasn’t asked and 2- I just assumed options would be available. Our usual servers came over and I asked for Mickey waffles ( again I know … but I don’t know when I will get them again !). I was told there were no waffles available, none on the menu whatsoever! I thought “ok I will have beans and sausage” …. Nope no beans, I couldn’t even have beans on toast. The server headed off to see what was available. He ended up two decks down seeking vegan sausage, he managed to get me two. So I ended up having a sausage sandwich/Toastie!

Animator’s Palate Breakfast

My biggest tip is to pre order the night before and always follow your servers wherever they are the following morning. This way we don’t have any disappointment in the mornings.


Our servers, Kemal and Gunawan, were great. They went above and beyond to ensure I was fed! When they say you can choose whatever you want and the chef will deliver, at dinner I believe he can!

Gary, Kemal, Jo, Gunawan

Around the ship there were other options, but my sailing was so short I didn’t get to try them all. I did get a Dole Whip Smoothie from Frozone though!

Frozone Dole Whip Smoothie

We didn’t order room service and I asked about milk options ( even though I don’t tend to have a lot of plant based milk ) I was told there were oat, soya and almond milk available.

After getting on the ship I learned that during Lumiere’s sit down lunch they apparently had impossible burgers. Also at Duck-In Diner by the pool they had vegan sausages available as well. I should have gone there instead of the having the gluten free panini!

Duck-In Diner

In terms of COVID protocols, all staff wore masks, all servers wore masks and protective glasses. Hand sanitising stations were placed everywhere and sensors on all the doors so you didn’t have to touch them. When we entered when welcomed on the ship by Mickey and Minnie there were markers on the floor for each family to stand on. During the nighttime show you were asked to leave a seat between you and the next family. When dining you were seated with only your reservation parties, no dining with strangers.


There are still characters around. Just like at Walt Disney World they are doing their meet and greets at a distance. We saw the fab 5 and some princesses as well.

Tiana and Belle
Mickey, Jo, Goofy

Thank you to Jo for sharing her stay on the Disney Magic with us! I hope to see you on this side of the pond again soon my friend.

If you’re interested in booking a Disney Cruise Line sailing head here to fill out a no-obligation quote form. The Magic is currently for UK residents only, but will be making its way back to the US in October. The Disney Wish will begin sailings next summer, the Disney Dream returns to Port Canaveral in August before moving to Miami next summer. From the Disney Cruise Line site this is the current info for those ships: Disney Fantasy departures through August 28, 2021, Disney Wonder departures through September 19, 2021 and Disney Magic departures in the United States through November 4, 2021 have been suspended.

Author: Melissa

Back in 2014 I created Vegan Disney World after going to Walt Disney World several times and finding no resource for vegan options. Corey and I began this blog from our trips and have now moved closer to the mouse to eat around the parks on a weekly basis. Since the blog started we have cruised on Disney Cruise Line, gone to Tokyo Disneyland and to Disneyland in California!

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