Yachtsman Steakhouse Vegan Menu

We were honestly a little nervous to dine at Yachtsman knowing it was a steakhouse and that it was a very similar menu to California Grill (unpopular opinion based on our last trip there: we don’t love it). With having non-vegan family in town we decided to take them to Yachtsman and give it a shot.

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Yachtsman Steakhouse is located in Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, which is within walking distance to Epcot’s World Showcase. It’s a beautiful resort with nautical touches worth seeing if you have never been there. Once you get to Yachtsman Steakhouse you’ll have to walk past a meat display on the way in to the tables. From what I could tell, there is no avoiding that so if you’re highly sensitive beware. We were sat in the very back of the restaurant and the only meat we saw was on other people’s tables.

Plant-Based Menu October 2019

Our server greeted us with the ‘Plant-Based Offerings’ menus and was highly knowledgeable about what the dishes were. We decided to order so that we got one of each option. I really wanted to try the appetizer salad but, I wanted to try the dessert even more so we skipped on that.


They brought bread for the table one was not vegan and the other was a standard sourdough. They did not offer any vegan butter instead they served a head of roasted garlic that was so good smeared on the bread. Our entrees came and it was so much food.

Plant-Based Offerings

The cauliflower was a highlight dressed in a slightly sweet curry sauce. We love when restaurants let actual vegetables shine as a dish without covering them with meat or cheese alternatives.

Roasted Carnival Cauliflower

The truffle pasta was such an improvement from the one we had last at California Grill. It was not dry and all and not overly sauced with a few slices of what we think was Field Roast sausage (which they have next door at Ale & Compass). The truffle was balanced well with the sausage so even if you don’t love truffle I think you would still enjoy this.

Truffle Pasta

The baby squash came with Brussel sprouts which I thought had more flavor than the squash. I didn’t personally love the mushroom option. They basically just tasted like the tomato jam and salsa they were paired with. There were also cubes of pumpkin that was similar to a sweet potato.

Baby Squash
Chantrelle Mushrooms

The tofu steak was cooked well and the salsa verde they serve on it was so good. It comes with a fingerling potato which is more of a garnish. The portions were large for us so we ended up boxing a few things up to-go to save room for the dessert I had my eye on. We ordered the chocolate lava cake and it arrived shortly after.

Tofu Steak

It was served with coconut ice cream on top of a gingersnap crumble with some dots of a raspberry-Chambord sauce. Okay, I would go back just for this. It was everything I wanted a chocolate lava cake to be. Warm, gooey, rich chocolate with the cold coconut ice cream and little hints of raspberry sauce.. probably my favorite dessert on property. The gingersnap crumble was really good as well.

Chocolate Lava Cake
Chocolate Lava Cake

I really want to try the appetizer salad so my advice here would be order your own salad, share the 4-option entree, and get your own dessert.. brb going to make another reservation. P.S. You can walk off your dinner on the BoardWalk right outside The Yacht Club. It’s beautiful and one of our favorite places to be at night. Plan your date night now!

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Review from October 2019.

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