Be Our Guest, but not for a while

Be Our Guest is a Signature Dining restaurant inside the Magic Kingdom which has an array of dining options. Breakfast and lunch are considered quick service, and the “unforgettable sit-down dinner” features a Signature experience. We ate dinner here prior to the prix fixe menu they now offer and had a good experience so I was curious to see how things changed this past summer.

Be Our Guest
Be Our Guest

Last time we dined we had salad, the ratatouille, and sorbet. This past week we had reservations with visiting family. We told the hosts two of the six guests were vegan upon checking in. After we were seated our server Mary asked us if we would like the allergy menus. There was absolutely nothing vegan on the allergy menu. We told her we were vegan (with allergies) and she said she would speak with the chef. She came back and told us the chef said we could get a salad for the first course, tortellini for the main, and possibly a “chef’s choice” entree. We told her we would love to try one of each.

Inside Be Our Guest
Be Our Guest Menu

Our salads were delivered shortly after we ordered which was mixed arugula greens with grape tomatoes and thinly sliced apples in a lemon vinaigrette. The dressing had zero flavor so I basically just tasted pepper from the arugula. I’m glad there were apples because it made the salad slightly more bearable. The rest of our party was loving their non vegan appetizers.

Vegan Salad

They brought bread (after we asked a few times) with butter for the table and plain olive oil for us. The bread was a French baguette and was unfortunately stale. Our entrees came shortly after.

The tortellini was in clear corn broth and was sadly.. terrible. It was slightly filled with spinach and the ‘corn broth’ had no flavor at all. The pasta part of the tortellini was gooey. It seemed like it was just sitting in water. There was asparagus, micro greens, and corn on top for garnish. It looked slightly promising at first glance but, I only had one single tortellini before moving on to our second entree.

Vegan Tortellini

The “chef’s choice” was a veggie dish in the same clear corn broth. The veggies were fingerling potatoes, brussels sprouts, one single beet slice, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, and a few cherry tomatoes. All were soggy similar to the tortellini from what I’m guessing was due to sitting in the clear broth.

“Che’s Choice” Vegan Option

This dish has a lot of potential if they omit the clear broth and simply season the veggies. I would try asking for that if I had to go there again. We struggled to finish our entrees. Had we not been eating with visiting family I am not sure we would have had as much as we did.

For dessert our server informed us it was “Beast’s choice” but that we could let him know if we wanted cookies or sorbet. We asked for one of each.
She brought us packaged Enjoy Life chocolate chip cookies and melted raspberry sorbet.

Sorbet and Enjoy Life Cookies

I was a little taken aback at this point because I knew Be Our Guest was meant to be more of fine dining yet they served the cookies in the wrapper verses trying to present them with the sorbet. Sadly, this was the best part of the meal and both were brought in from outside sources. Our non vegan family members all enjoyed their meals and especially their trio of desserts.

Inside Be Our Guest

The table had wine with the meal which is a treat in inside Magic Kingdom. Beast came through the dining room three times during our dinner and you have the opportunity for a personal photo with him after your meal. You’re also allowed to wander the entire restaurant after your meal which consists of three dining rooms. The main grand ballroom where you see snow falling in the windows, the west wing which has the enchanted rose, and the rose gallery where you can see Belle and Beast dancing music box style with portraits throughout the room. The ambiance of Be Our Guest is stunning and meeting Beast in his study is truly a magical experience.

Inside Be Our Guest

As a vegan you simply have to ask yourself- is the atmosphere and photo with Beast worth $60+? If the answer is yes, make a reservation. If the answer is no, you’ll want to skip this experience until they make it more worthwhile for vegans. I love Beauty and the Beast but I won’t be back until the food changes and wouldn’t recommend paying $60 for this experience. Sadly, it was truly that bad and the worst meal I’ve ever had on Disney property.

Price $$$$
Review from February 2019

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  1. I ate the “plant based” aka vegan breakfast option 12/27/19 and thought it was great. Best plant based eggs I’ve eaten – thought texture and flavor was good. My almost vegetarian husband agreed. I got “bacon, potatoes, and in lieu of “sausage” patties I received more of a “bratwurst” link that was good. I was given vegan pastries- 3 breads a chocolate, lemon and gingerbreadish flavor- all good and separate from the pastry tray given to all other guests. Our food took a little longer and I wondered if it was my meal but we were fine to sit for awhile/ finished eating in an hour or so. Beast room is a little colder than the others. My boys wanted to eat there and I was glad to have a good breakfast option. I’d recommend it as an option. (Yes a little pricier, you pay for the ambiance but I enjoyed the food as well). (We has a 9:50 reservation which was a little before the lunch transition so it became less crowded by the time we finished. )

  2. Can you recommend a vegan character dining option ? We are visiting next year and ha e two children who would love to do a character dine.

    1. Not sure if this is too late for your trip, but we ate at Garden Grill in Epcot for my son’s second birthday and the whole experience was AMAZING. I had the vegan meal and it was an insane amount of food and everything was delicious! My parents & husband had the normal meal and said it was great. The characters stopped by each table individually so lots of opportunities for pictures.

  3. This is so disappointing! I’ll be cancelling my dinner reservation and sticking to quick service lunch instead.

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