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Last updated 10/30/20
This update reflects the only current open restaurants during the COVID-19 reopening.


What’s vegan in the Magic Kingdom?

Kiosks, Carts and Walk Ups

Aloha Isle, Adventureland

All Day: Pineapple Dole Soft Serve and Dole Whip Float (no swirl, vanilla is not vegan), Pineapple Spear 

Sunshine Tree Terrace, Adventureland

All Day: Orange Dole Soft Serve and Dole Orange Float (specify both without vanilla), Headless Horseman Rides Again

Liberty Square Market, Liberty Square

All Day: Snacks, Fruit

Main Street Bakery – Starbucks, Main Street USA

All Day: Coffee, Non-Dairy Milk available

Storybook Treats, Fantasyland

All Day: Peter Pan Float without Chocolate Feather, Lime Dole Soft Serve without feather

The Lunching Pad, Tomorrowland

All Day: Mickey Pretzel without cheese


Quick Service

Friar’s Nook, Fantasyland

Lunch: Plant-based Brat & Tots
Kids Option: Uncrustables

Pinocchio Village Haus, Fantasyland

Lunch/Dinner: Plant-based “Cheese” Pizza
Kids Option: Order Milk Allergy Cheese Pizza and speak to coordinator to get vegan crust

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, Tomorrowland

Lunch/Dinner: Plant-based Sloppy Joe
Kids Option: Uncrustables

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, Frontierland

Lunch/Dinner: Veggie Rice Bowl
Kids Option: Kids Veggie Rice Bowl, Uncrustables


Table Service

Jungle Skipper Canteen, Adventureland

Appetizer: Fall’s Family Falafel
Entree: Perkins Thai Noodles, Curried Vegetable Crew Stew
Dessert: Panna-Connie’s Congo Lime Delight
Kids Option: Congo Connie’s Coconut-Curry Concoction

Liberty Tree Tavern, Liberty Square

Appetizer: Declaration Salad
Entree: Impossible Meatloaf
Dessert: Johnny Appleseed’s Warm Apple Cake

Be Our Guest, Fantasyland

Appetizer: Mixed Field Greens
Entree: Roasted Corn and Spinach Tortellini
Dessert: Vanilla Cake with Lemon Curd

Plaza Restaurant, Main Street USA

Entree: Bangers and Mash
Dessert: Dark Chocolate-Banana Bread Pudding with Soy Milk Frozen Dessert

Tony’s Town Square, Main Street USA

Appetizer: Garden Salad
Entree: Spaghetti and Mushroom Meatballs
Dessert: Italian Strawberry Shortcake

*Item may not be vegan. Remember to always ask your server or a chef if the item is vegan. Disney World restaurants are constantly changing ingredients and suppliers.


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128 thoughts

  1. Be our guest no longer serves the quinoa salad for lunch, and it’s incredibly hard to order something vegan. The self-service menu does not contain any options and cannot be modified to accommodate vegans. I would not recommend be our guest if you’re vegan and looking to stop somewhere for lunch.

    1. Do you know if you can sit and not eat with a group at Be Our Guest? I’m the only vegan in the group so I’d be fine grabbing something nearby after the others eat. It seems like a fun place for the kids so I don’t want them to miss out.

      1. I have never been asked this before but since it’s not a buffet, I would assume you can come in to join your party.

  2. Hi there. I am heading to Disney world in September and I have used your website to help guide my food options in the past and have found it really helpful. Thank you for all the work you did to put this list together. I noticed that you do not list sleepy hollow as one of the food venues at Magic Kingdom. I know that they serve mickey waffles and was wondering if you know whether they could make them vegan there or not.

  3. Be our guest has 2 main-ish options, the quinoa salad and potato leek soup (and of course French fries). They did not offer things that are not on the menu so VERY limited. Kind of worth it for the pictures inside, they have the rose room as a seating option which is cool. Also Joffreys coffee has almond milk that you can get with the espresso drinks hot and cold (ice cappuccino is pre blended with dairy though**) and is a brand found commonly in the parks and hotels/motels.

    1. Sorry I was fed wrong information potato leek soup is NOT vegan it has cream, some staff are better than others and will give you wrong info. Chef will accommodate still upon request but again….you run the risk of accidentally eating dairy and very likely limited options seasonally. Best to call ahead if possible and ask for allergen menu.

    2. At be our guest they gave me a big salad with roasted potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, olives, spring greens, peppers and vinaigrette

  4. Fyi at harbor house the cashier told me the green beans and carrots are already made, so they cant take out the butter

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