Centertown Market’s Curried Garbanzo Salad Sandwich and “Cheesesteak”

We’re often asked about the best resorts with the most selection of vegan options from our readers. For a while now, Caribbean Beach Resort has been my recommendation for a moderate category resort. This is because all of their restaurants have vegan options on the menu! They have two quick service locations, Centertown Market and Spyglass Grill, and one table service, Sebastians Bistro. We’ve eaten breakfast at Centertown Market before, but finally went for lunch.

Centertown Market

Centertown Market is located next to the lobby of the resort in Old Port Royal. This quick service location was refurbished back in 2018 and features both a grab and go section, and a classic quick service.

Centertown Market Lunch Menu February 2020

On their lunch menu they have three vegan options. The Market Burger, Curried Garbanzo Salad Sandwich, and a Spinach and Kale Salad. During dinner they have a few more options on top of the ones at lunch including a “Cheesesteak” Griddled Seitan Sandwich, Plant-based Spicy Jackfruit-Carnitas Hoagie, and Plant-based Tacos. So many options!!

We went for lunch specifically, but both wanted to try that “Cheesesteak” sandwich. We asked to speak with a chef when ordering to figure out a kids option. Chef Ron came out to speak with us and was an absolute pleasure. He said we could get the kids Chicken Rice Bowl sans chicken and sub in either a Beyond Burger or extra veggies. We went with a burger for them. I asked him about the Market Burger, if it came with cheese or mayo or anything. He said it could, but it doesn’t come with it as is, just the toppings on the menu. He then mentioned that they had seitan, and then mentioned he could do the “Cheesesteak” sandwich, which he must have known we secretly wanted all along. So we ordered that, the Curried Garbanzo Salad Sandwich, and a Kids Bowl.

Pick up locations
Some indoor seating
Drink station

Once you order you are given a pager to take to your table and then pick up your food upon it buzzing. They have a huge condiments area and drink station inside too. We usually opt for the outside seating here because it’s a lot more chill.

Our food was ready pretty quick, Chef Ron actually brought our food out to us. The second I laid eyes on these sandwiches my eyes grew very wide seeing their size. They both looked amazing too.

Curried Garbanzo Salad Sandwich, “Cheesesteak”, Kids Vegan Bowl

I first tried the Curried Garbanzo Salad Sandwich. It was on a nice multigrain bread and was packed full of the salad. One half of this sandwich was a normal size of grocery loaf slice. The salad was filled with whole chickpeas, green apple chunks, and various vegetables slathered in what I believe to be a vegan mayo based sauce.

Curried Garbanzo Salad Sandwich
Curried Garbanzo Salad Sandwich

The sandwich wasn’t very curried to me, which was honestly fine. It was super light and refreshing, full of flavors too. I would absolutely recommend this sandwich and I will for sure get it again.

Curried Garbanzo Salad Sandwich

The “Cheesesteak” Griddled Seitan Sandwich was a beast. This sandwich took up an entire BOWL. The bread was super soft and it was filled with Sweet Earth seitan, peppers, onions, and a Daiya cheese sauce.

“Cheesesteak” Griddled Seitan Sandwich
“Cheesesteak” Griddled Seitan Sandwich

This sandwich was hefty and delicious. The seitan had a very mild spice to it (very mild, so if you’re a person who steers clear of spice you’d be fine). The cheese sauce was great too, there was so much that your sandwich didn’t feel like it was lacking. This guy is worth getting if you’re around for dinner.

“Cheesesteak” Griddled Seitan Sandwich

Honestly these sandwiches were so legit for the price too. The Curried Garbanzo was $10.50, and the “Cheesesteak” was $11.50 when we ate here. I couldn’t believe the amount of food for the price!

“Cheesesteak” Griddled Seitan Sandwich
Sweet Earth Seitan

For our sandwich sides we got fries (which Chef Ron noted were in a shared fryer) and a side salad with vinaigrette. You can also get a side of fruit here. The salad was a mixed greens cup topped with tomatoes, the vinaigrette had a nice tang to it.

Side Salad

For the kids meal, it said was supposed to be topped with a Tofu Lime Crema, I don’t know why the kids bowl didn’t have that, we noticed it after the fact. The bowl was full of rice with black beans, a tomato cucumber salad, and a Beyond Burger patty.

Modified Kids Chicken Bowl with Beyond Burger
Modified Kids Chicken Bowl with Beyond Burger

The salad on it was good, I could have just had that as a side. The beans and rice were kind of bland. I would imagine if you just want a kids burger here they could do a swap for the non vegan cheeseburger to be a kids one.

After seeing what else Centertown Market has for dinner, I’m trying to go back there and eat some more! The food we had was all great. This is an easy hop from Epcot or Hollywood Studios on the Skyliner, so add it into your plans if you’re not staying here!

Price $
Review from February 2020

Author: Melissa Kramer

Back in 2014 I created Vegan Disney World after going to Walt Disney World several times and finding no resource for vegan options. Corey and I began this blog from our trips and have now moved closer to the mouse to eat around the parks on a weekly basis. Since the blog started we have cruised on Disney Cruise Line, gone to Tokyo Disneyland and to Disneyland in California!

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  1. was the cheesesteak on the menu? just trying to figure out whether it’s something we could ask the chef for during our upcoming trip, as it’s not listed online currently. thanks!

    1. It was on the dinner menu only. They may have pulled it during the limited menu they’re doing currently. Let us know if you can get it!

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