Lighthouse Sandwich at Columbia Harbour House

Columbia Harbour House is one of the many quick service locations in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This used to be a spot I would frequent as a vegetarian, but once I went vegan I stopped going because the sandwich I once loved was not vegan. When we saw that the Lighthouse Sandwich had been updated to be plant based, I couldn’t believe it. We had to go check it out right away.

Columbia Harbour House
Columbia Harbour House Menu

Since we’re always skeptical of these things, we were sure to check the allergy binder and the sandwich slaw (which was the non vegan part of the sandwich) is now vegan!

Lighthouse Sandwich Allergy Sheet
Lighthouse Sandwich
Lighthouse Sandwich

The Lighthouse Sandwich is a toasted multigrain bread with hummus, broccoli slaw, and tomato. The sandwich tasted exactly how I remembered it, it’s almost as if the slaw is trying to be like a “seafood style salad” instead. Crunchy broccoli slaw, a nice spread of hummus, and tomatoes. Simple, fresh, and delicious. This comes with a side of house made potato chips. (We did not ask if these were in a shared fryer).

I am so glad this option is back in my life, especially as many of the new vegan options are faux meat heavy. I can’t wait to go back and get this sandwich again!

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Review from October 2019.

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  1. The potato chips that come with the Lighthouse sandwich are lousy. Nice to hear the sandwich is vegan.

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