Spicy Italian “Sausage” Sub from PizzeRizzo

As you already know, PizzeRizzo at Hollywood Studios is one of our favorite places for quick food. They have always had a vegan cheese option for pizza, dating back to when it was Pizza Planet (may it rest in peace). When we saw the news of a plant-based option at each Disney quick service and table service I just assumed they would put the vegan pizza on the menu. But we got something new that we weren’t expecting at all!

PizzeRizzo in Hollywood Studios
PizzeRizzo Menu Board

Disney surprised us by adding a Spicy Italian “Sausage” Sub to their menu. It’s easy to find on the menu board since it now has the designated “Plant-based” icon next to it. The description clearly states roasted peppers, onion, mushrooms, and tomatoes. (These are the same toppings you can get on the vegan cheese pizza if you wanted to.)

The sub is served with a side of romaine and “ranch”. We asked what brand of ranch they’re using and it is Follow Your Heart.

We ordered a sub and a vegan cheese pizza for our little one. Our cashier let us know the sausages would be out right away but we would still need a buzzer for the pizza. Typically the pizzas here take 10-20 minutes, so be warned.

Spicy Italian “Sausage” Sub

The subs were really good! Not spicy in our opinion, and cooked perfectly with the Beyond Sausage snap. The veggies on top were roasted well and very garlicky. There was a marinara sauce as well, but not too much. Our only complaint is the bun was too big for the filling, it was like 70% bread and 30% sausage/toppings.

Spicy Italian “Sausage” Sub
Spicy Italian “Sausage” Sub

The salad was fine, it’s the vegan version of the caesar they do which is just lettuce and sometimes has grape tomatoes. It was nice to have ranch and not just a basic balsamic or Italian dressing like usual.

Spicy Italian “Sausage” Sub

I will definitely be back to get this sausage soon. It’s also great to have not one, but two delicious vegan options to choose from.

When we were leaving we had a bit of a freak out when we asked to see the ingredient list to get it for the blog. We asked the coordinator for the sheet and it wasn’t in the binder but in the back. She brought it out for us and we snapped a photo.

Allergy Sheet 10/5
Allergy Sheet 10/5

When scanning we saw the bread listed was not vegan. Obviously this was not okay, so we immediately went back to ask what happened, but we were told that the sheet was not up to date and that the bread on that isn’t what we were given but this other one was. I have attached both the ingredient sheets so you can see in case you have any allergen concerns. This is a reminder to ask to see the allergy ingredient sheets and to read each ingredient, as you can see egg and dairy are not listed as allergens on the bread but it is in the ingredients.


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