Vegan Protein Bowl from Ale & Compass

By now you’ve probably seen us talk about Ale & Compass a few times. We’ve eaten here for all the meals they offer and at the lounge too. Ale & Compass is a restaurant located at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. For all three meals they offer a vegan option on their menu!

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Recently we went for dinner and decided to get the Vegan Protein Bowl. This entree is vegan as is from the menu, with the word vegan in the name.

Vegan Protein Bowl

The entree has a Field Roast sausage, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and broccolini. It is topped with a roasted tomato sauce which really ties it all together.

Vegan Protein Bowl

I love this dish because I wasn’t in a mood for a heavy burger (which is technically on the lunch menu but they have made us them for dinner in the past when asking nicely). The Vegan Protein Bowl is the perfect middle ground and it was a veggie heavy dish which left me feeling great when I was done.

Grilled Vegan Plant-based Burger
Kids Vegan Protein Bowl

There was also a kids version of this meal, but I no longer see it on the online menu. It is the same thing as the adult portion just smaller, I imagine they can still do this if you ask since there is no other vegan kids option. 

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Review from August 2019


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  1. I had this when we stayed at the YC this past summer. I am not usually a big fan of faux-meat, but sausage in this was really tasty, and was a delightful, filling dish!

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