Impossible Bunny Chow at Nomad Lounge

Animal Kingdom has plenty of great spots to eat, but one of our favorite places for a snack and a drink is at Nomad Lounge. Nomad Lounge is located right at the walkway to Pandora and is connected to Tiffins. There is both indoor and outdoor (covered) seating. They do not take reservations.

Nomad Lounge Menu

They have a menu specifically for the lounge, but with Tiffins connected to it, you can get certain items from that menu too. On the actual Nomad Lounge menu you can get Vegetarian Sliders made from Impossible meat which require removing aioli, the bun is now vegan here.

Vegetarian Sliders without Aioli
Vegetarian Sliders without Aioli

This time we decided to try something from the kids menu at Tiffins, the Impossible Bunny Chow, which is vegan as is. The Bunny Chow comes with chili made with Impossible meat and root vegetables served in a vegan brioche roll (bread bowl style) with two sides, although we were just given one of fruit.

Impossible Bunny Chow
Impossible Bunny Chow

The chili was delicious. It was very thick and “meaty” with tons of flavor. We just wish there was more of it as only about 1/4 of the bowl was scooped out, which was sad even for a kids option. If you’re in the mood for a snack this would be a good option, but for the money I would go with the sliders.

Price $$
Review from September 2019.


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  1. This might be silly BUT did you mention to the server the portion size issue? They might have been willing to bring you more of the “chili” as there wasn’t very much in the bread bowl?

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