Vegan Options at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2019

It’s party season! We were so excited about going to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party this year that we went on the first night. Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is select nights at the Magic Kingdom from August 16th to November 1st. This party is a separate hard ticket event, which means your normal park ticket does not cover this event.

Magic Kingdom Entrance
Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Entrance

If you have a ticket to the event you can get into the park starting at 4pm, but the party does not start until 7pm. If you come straight in after 4 you will receive a wristband, and then are directed to go to the right by Tony’s Town Square, behind Main Street. Here you will pick up your Halloween bags for trick or treating. There are two types of bags you can get at the party, one is the basic normal candy bag, the other is a teal allergy bag. We asked for the allergy bag and went into the party. Now to get to the fun vegan options at the party!

Picking up the Teal Bag

Right after getting the bag there is a trick or treat station. When you have the teal bag you don’t receive candy at these stops, just tokens to redeem your treats later.

Allergy Tokens
Trick or Treat Spot
GoGo Squeeze Treat Stop
GoGo Squeeze Treat Stop

Once you get some tokens you can trade them in at specific locations. One of the locations is in the ticket office right next to the Hall of Presidents. We got candy pretty early at this point and there was basically no one in there. We had our pick of anything we wanted, and the cast member loaded our bags up. If we can leave with you a tip it is to cash in these tokens early. We saw a huge line at the other pick up location (Mickey’s Town Square Theatre) and heard that they were out of many of the options.

Token Exchange in Liberty Square
Token Exchange at Mickey’s Town Square Theatre
Allergy Token Exchange
Allergy Token Exchange
Some of our treats

There are more options to choose from this year than we had seen in the past. We chose some Enjoy Life Rice Milk Bars, Enjoy Life Seed and Fruit Mix, Enjoy Life Morsels, and Free2b Sun Cups. If you have a child with many food allergies they also had some non food treats to get as well. They were giving away a Fuzzy Bookmark and a Build Your Own Candy Corn Bat.

Party Popcorn Buckets
Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular

During the party there is the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular stage show. We wanted to be in the front, so we got there half an hour before the show started, which is required if you want the good spots. This show does not disappoint. The Sanderson sisters are perfect in every way possible. For Hocus Pocus fans this is a must see.

Halloween Decor
Cadaver Dans
Jester Goofy

For the party they do a few Halloween specials in the attractions. We were able to do two of the overlays and really enjoyed them. We did the Mad Tea Party which has special lighting and music, and Space Mountain which is completely blacked out with a spooky soundtrack. They also have live action pirates on Pirates of the Caribbean and you can meet some eager monsters at Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor.

Jack Skellington hosting the Not So Spooky Spectacular
Jack Skellington hosting the Not So Spooky Spectacular

Our first party we missed the fireworks. However after the first night we upgraded to the Party Pass which will allow us to attend all of the parties (except on Halloween) this year! During our second party we made sure to watch them. This year the show is called Disney’s Not So Spooky Spectacular and it is hosted by Jack Skellington. The Jack Skellington host was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. He seemed so real. The show and music were all great, we absolutely loved this new addition.

Not So Spooky Spectacular
Not So Spooky Spectacular

For little ones attending the party there is a Disney Junior Dance Party in Storybook Circus. Our daughter loved this and got to meet some pretty fun characters while in there. In the party we found Fancy Nancy, Doc McStuffins, Timon, and Vampirina.

Fancy Nancy at the Disney Junior Dance Party
Boo To You Parade

The Boo To You Parade runs twice during the party. This parade has always been a favorite for us, and the song will forever be stuck in our heads. The parade runs the normal parade route through Magic Kingdom. It steps off at 9:15 in Frontierland so if you’re in the front of the park you won’t be seeing it until like 9:30-9:35. Some of our favorites on this are the Bride from the Haunted Mansion, the Grave Diggers, and of course Maleficent.

Grave Diggers – Boo To You Parade
Haunted Mansion Bride – Boo To You Parade
Maleficent – Boo To You Parade

For Halloween Party specific treats we have only found one option, the returning Maleficent Cone from Storybook Treats. This lime soft serve treat is vegan when ordered without the chocolate horns.

Maleficent Cone – Storybook Treats
Maleficent Cone – Storybook Treats

We also found a drink to try, the Berry Blaster from Cosmic Ray’s. This drink was fine, would be better with alcohol. They also forgot to put Sprite in mine, so it was just syrup. It just tasted like a melted grape popsicle.

Berry Blaster – Cosmic Ray’s
Berry Blaster – Cosmic Ray’s

When it comes to eating dinner during the party you have three options. Casey’s Corner (Plant-based Slaw Dog), Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe (Plant-based Southwest Burger or Vegetable Bowl with vegan rice), and Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe (Plant-based Sloppy Joe) are all open. On our first night we went to Pecos Bill’s and the wait, even with mobile order, was insane. We ended up doing Casey’s Corner for the second party and it was a much better experience.

Casey’s Corner Plant-based Slaw Dog

Since we have season party passes you know we’ll be hitting up this party lots this season. If there is anything you want to know or see let us know so we can get more info! We did see something about the Pumpkin soft serve, while the allergy sheet shows it doesn’t contain dairy, it does have Sodium Caseinate in it which is dairy derived and not vegan (or dairy allergy safe!). Hopefully they update that list ASAP.

Are you heading to the party this year? Let us know what your favorite part is!


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