T-REX at Disney Springs

If there’s one thing Disney Springs isn’t short on, its themed restaurants and bars. From the Rainforest Cafe volcano to the Splitsville bowling alley. You can find a place to fit anyone’s taste. We finally checked out the T-REX restaurant after having many questions about it from readers over the years.

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T-REX is located in the Marketplace at Disney Springs and is a kids dream. You can dig for dinosaurs outside, build a dinosaur stuffed toy inside, and obviously see huge dinosaurs all around the restaurant. The atmosphere is really cool. Every few minutes a meteor shower goes off and the whole restaurant changes. It gets dark and loud (something to note for small children who don’t love loud noises or darkness). If you’re in the ice room the colors are constantly changing from pink to blue.

When we visited we ate right next to a huge caterpillar. We honestly weren’t expecting much from T-Rex. And it’s a good thing our expectations were low.

We told our server we were vegan and a chef came out to speak with us. He only offered the Prehistoric Pasta with veggies that is on the menu, but without the cheese. For our toddler he offered pasta with marinara. We ordered fries on the side.

Fries from T-REX

The fries were the highlight of the meal so we’re glad we got those.

Vegan Prehistoric Pasta
Vegan Prehistoric Pasta

The pasta was watery and it tasted very under-seasoned. The veggies were cooked through, which sometimes doesn’t happen with vegan pastas at Disney. For a basic Disney pasta it was fine, but nothing we would seek on our own.

Kids vegan pasta

Our toddlers pasta was fine, nothing special either. Her meal came with an apple sauce cup and orange slices.

Would we go back? Not any time soon, we only went because family choose this restaurant. The atmosphere is really cool, but that is where the fun stops at T-REX for vegans. You can see the meteor shower from the gift shop, so if that’s what you are looking to see then just watch it from there.

Review from June 2019.
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  1. How disappointing, couldn’t they make or buy at least a vegan burger? Have a few Gardein products in the freezer to bake? Definately won’t be headed here,thank you for your review.

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