New Vegan Breakfast at ‘Ohana

‘Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is a family style all-you-care-to-enjoy character meal that offers both breakfast and dinner. They are best known for their noodles at dinner for a good reason, they are delicious. But recently they debuted a new vegan breakfast skillet so we obviously had to go check that out!

This restaurant is one you often need to plan ahead for as finding a reservation can be difficult.We were lucky to get a late breakfast reservation fairly easily to try this though. Our reservation was at 10:20am so the whole restaurant was packed with people and characters. During breakfast you will see Mickey, Lilo, Stitch, and Pluto.

Stitch at ‘Ohana

When you are being seated the host or hostess will usually grab bread on the way to the table, we told ours we were vegan so she didn’t pick it up. Unfortunately there is no vegan substitute for that bread. When we sat down our server poured us their signature “Stitch Juice”, which is a passion, guava, and orange juice mix. The juice itself is very sweet. We were also given a fresh fruit plate.

Fruit Plate and Juice

We told our server we were vegan and she was very informed of their new vegan option. She said they had plant based sausages, mung bean “egg”, roasted potatoes, and Mickey waffles. We happily said yes to all of options for our meal. The non vegan skillet is basically the same things in their non-vegan counterpart.

Vegan Breakfast Skillet

About 5 minutes later our skillet arrived with the mung bean (JUST) Egg, Beyond Sausages, and roasted potatoes. Everything was clearly just made for us and tasted great. The egg was fluffy and there was plenty of sausage for the three of us. We ended up asking for a second round of potatoes without seasoning because the first round was a little too heavy for us. We also asked for more vegan egg and sausages because it’s all you care to eat and we were very hungry (and also why not?).

Vegan Egg, Sausage, and Potatoes
Vegan Waffles

Shortly after the first skillet came, a second skillet came full of Mikey shaped waffles and Stitch character waffles. They were both very good, cooked perfectly, not gooey or burnt. The vegan (allergy) waffles are also gluten free as is. The waffles around property can be hit or miss, but these have always been a win for us.

We had seen other people get Erin McKenna’s Bakery treats after their meal so we asked. Our server said she didn’t think they had anything but she would double check. Next thing we knew she brought us a plate with 4 double chocolate brownie bites from Erin McKenna’s Bakery. We were celebrating my daughter and husbands’ birthdays so she made it extra special with the light up Tinker Bell and umbrellas.

Erin McKenna’s Treats

The service was so great and incredibly fast that we were done with eating and still hadn’t met any of the characters yet. They ended up coming to our table before we paid the bill. You get to meet Pluto whole you are waiting for your table. During your meal you meet Mickey, Stitch, and Lilo. All the characters were great with us and we enjoyed spending time with them.

Lilo and Lena at ‘Ohana

We would go back to ‘Ohana for breakfast any time. It’s also a plus that during breakfast there are not servers carrying around meat and fish sticks everywhere like they do for dinner.

Kona Cafe, which is next to ‘Ohana, also has the vegan egg, sausage, and vegan waffles available. You can read about our recent breakfast here with their version of the JUST Egg.

Review from May 2019
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