Story Book Dining at Artist Point with Snow White

Disney theming is always an incredible thing, and the Wilderness Lodge is one of our favorite resorts for that. Here you feel like you’ve transported to a lodge in the mountains. For food it’s great for vegans as you can get the amazing all vegan skillet at Whispering Canyon for lunch and dinner or enjoy the views of the lake with a Beyond Burger at Geyser Point. So when Artist Point, previously this resorts Signature Dining restaurant, reopened with a Snow White theme, we knew we had to go try it. 

Wilderness Lodge Restaurant Sign

in 2018 Artist Point went into a refurbishment to reopen for a dinner only character meal. The way the Imagineers redesigned the restaurant had us falling in love at first sight. You feel like you are inside of an enchanted forest with trees over top of you. Inside the trees are sparkling lights and there are beautiful murals on the walls. We were lucky enough to be seated right next to where the Wicked Queen meets.

Table at Artist Point
Table at Artist Point
Apple Cutout on Napkin

We sat down at our table and told our server we were vegan. They knew exactly what we could eat, we didn’t even need to speak with a chef.

Regular Menu at Artist Point
Kids Menu at Artist Point

First up was our appetizer. We got a tomato salad, mushroom “consommé”, and Impossible burger patty. The tomato salad tasted like tomatoes, not much else, they were definitely lacking seasoning.

Tomatoes, Mushroom “consommé”, Impossible Meat

The mushroom “consommé” was super flavorful, our favorite out of the 3 options. The Impossible patty tasted just like a regular burger with no seasoning added to it. We ended up taking combo bites of the tomatoes and burger to make them both more interesting.

Kids Appetizer

Our 2 year old daughter got a super cute fruit and veggie appetizer served in a little pot for her appetizer.

Enchanted Martini

I ordered the Enchanted Apple martini, to keep with the theme of Snow White. I thought it was really good, but my husband thought it was a little too sweet.

Vegan Chick’n Entree

Our main course was a gardein chick’n patty with roasted vegetables and potatoes. When I first saw the dish I thought it looked dry and not very exciting. But after tasting it I was wrong, it had a flavorful truffle sauce on it. The vegetables were roasted perfectly. Overall it was a delicious dish and it left me wanting more.

Kids Pasta with Broccolini

Our daughter got a pasta and marinara dish with some broccolini, which appears to be the standard for vegan kid dishes around Disney World. It seemed as though the noodles were sliced up lasagna noodles as opposed to the usual penne or wagon wheels.

Chia Pudding, Apple Strudel, Brownie Ball

Finally it was time for dessert. We were given a vanilla chia seed pudding, apple strudel, and a brownie type ball. The pudding was super good and refreshing, not too heavy. The apple strudel was good, but a little soggy on the bottom. Lastly, the brownie was gooey and slightly chewy texture, just a strong fudgy flavor. Our favorite of these 3 was definitely the chia seed pudding.

Lights changing

Other than the food being really good, we loved the whole experience. You get to meet Snow White, the Evil Queen, Dopey, and Grumpy. The Queen stays in one spot while the other 3 characters come to your table. All of the characters were amazing and spent a good amount of time with us too. Every 10 minutes or so they would play a song and the characters would dance while the trees were lighting up different colors. 

Evil Queen

We would definitely go back to eat here again. It’s rare you are totally immersed in a story like this all while having really great vegan food.

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Review from May 2019.


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