Lunch at Sebastian’s Bistro

Caribbean Beach recently went through major must needed renovations and we love the update. Previously, the check in for Caribbean Beach was it’s own building, but now they have moved it to Old Port Royale where majority of the resort amenities can be found. In Disney always going the extra distance, when you enter the lobby of the resort you smell mangos!

Caribbean Beach Resort
Sebastian’s Bistro

Today we were here for lunch at Sebastian’s Bistro. This brand new restaurant is located just outside of the lobby.

Sebastian’s Bistro Menu
Sebastian’s Bistro Menu
Sebastian’s Bistro Kids Allergy Menu

We were excited to see the two vegan menu items clear on the menu. One is the Island Curry “Eggless” Salad Sandwich. It looks like it is the same one they sell in the Grab & Go, but here it comes with fries. The other option is the Plant-based Banh Mi sandwich, which also came with fries. We were told that the fries are from a shared fryer, but the Jicama salad is also vegan and easy to substitute. For our Mouseketeer we ordered right off the kids menu. Pasta with shredded zucchini, beans, rice, and jerk roasted butternut squash.

Yucca Fries

To start we ordered the yucca fries. They were good!

Kids Pasta with Jerk Butternut Squash
Rice & Beans Kids Side

Our daughters food came out quick. She loved the pasta, rice, and beans. She didn’t like the butternut squash but we did.

Island Curry “Eggless” Salad Sandwich
Island Curry “Eggless” Salad Sandwich

Then came our food. Before coming to eat here we had read reviews of the Island Curry “Eggless” Salad Sandwich and didn’t have high hopes for it. That being said, I actually really enjoyed it. While it didn’t taste eggy, it was tofu (WAS IT?), it did have a nice curry flavor. The sweet potato fries were good too. I would absolutely get it again.

Plant-based Bahn Mi

The Plant-based Banh Mi was great. It seemed like there were one and a half Impossible burger patties on it. With the cucumber, pickled veggies, and vegan mayo, it did get hard to eat. But overall we would get this again too. If you don’t like vegan meats, I’d recommend the “Eggless” Salad Sandwich over this.

The drink menu was themed great too with tons of fun mixed drinks. I ordered the Caribbean Shaker.

Caribbean Shaker

Our server was super nice. His daughter is vegan and he had been vegan in the past so he knew what we were looking for on the menu. If you are in the mood for easy vegan options we would recommended coming to Sebastian’s Bistro. Sebastian’s Bistro is also great for dinner, but they do not have the sandwiches during that time.

Jerk Butternut Squash without Honey-Chili Sauce

Sebastian’s Bistro at dinner only offers curry style meals. Here you can get the Caribbean Vegetable Curry without the Lime Crema and the Jerk Butternut Squash without the Honey-Chili Sauce. Our friend Gabrielle enjoyed the Jerk Butternut Squash but said that it was very spicy.

Price? $$
Review from October 2018.


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