Chef Mickey’s Dinner

When you think to yourself “I’m going to do a buffet at Walt Disney World as a vegan”, you probably think of Chef TJ at Trail’s End. But today we are going to tell you about our experience at Chef Mickey’s buffet in the Contemporary Resort.

Chef Mickey’s

We love the Contemporary. The building is so unique. This is the only resort that you are able to walk to Magic Kingdom from too! On the first floor you can eat at The Wave, which offers great options for all meals for vegans. But this time we headed up to the fourth floor to eat at Chefs Mickey’s. If you’ve ever traveled through the Contemporary on the monorail, then you’ve seen Chef Mickey’s below.

Chef Mickey’s Buffet

Chef Mickey’s is a very popular all you care to eat buffet. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto are all dressed up in their chef clothes. They came around to us two times during our dinner. Every once in a while, the characters dance around the restaurant waving napkins to the song “Celebrate Mickey Mouse!” You can dance with them, but honestly you will be too busy eating to even want to dance.

Our server was great. We told him we were vegan so he gave us the allergy guide and told us the Chef would be out to talk to us soon.

Chef Mickey’s Allergen Guide
Chef Mickey’s Allergen Guide

Chef Frank was super nice. He asked us about our food preferences and gave us options of what he could make. He also told us what was vegan on the buffet line. We went with some pasta with veggies and tofu he offered to make. He also told us for dessert he could give us some cupcakes and ice cream. He told us to just tell our server when we are ready for dessert and he would bring it out.

Salad Buffet
Salad Buffet
Salad Plate

First we went to the buffet. Here we got the kale and quinoa salad. It was really good, in it was kale, quinoa, craisins, and almonds, which offered a great texture to the salad. We also got some hummus, rye bread, and focaccia.

Smart Balance Vegan Butter

We asked our server for vegan butter so he brought us Smart Balance. I was happy to see individual packets of butter. Usually we get a huge bowl of it that never gets finished.

Vegetable Pot Stickers
Vegetable Pot Stickers

We also got the vegetable pot stickers from the buffet. They were filled with veggies and tofu.

Mickey shaped pasta with tofu

When Chef Frank brought us our pasta our jaws dropped. There was so much of it! It was Mickey shaped pasta, bell peppers, tofu, green beans, broccoli, onions, and a marinara sauce. It was very good and the Mickey pasta was super cute.

Cookies and Cupcakes
Vegan Ice Cream

After filling up on pasta, we told our server we were ready for dessert. Let. Me. Tell. You. It was amazing. A huge bowl of chocolate and vanilla ice cream (Tofutti and Rice Dream). Along with the giant bowl of ice cream came three cupcakes surrounded by cookies (all enjoy life cookies). To make it even more special, he put Mickey sprinkles and glitter on everything! We ended up taking our leftover pasta, cupcakes, and cookies home.

To go containers

I’m going to be honest, we were not expecting too much from this dinner. It’s been hit and miss for us with buffets at Disney. Once we were only offered steamed carrots from Cape May Cafe. But Chef Frank totally blew us away. We would 100% go back again. Thank you Chef Frank!

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This review is from July 2018.


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