Brunch at Raglan Road

Disney Springs has come a long way over the years from being renamed and reimagined several times. Things have seemed to come and go, but one restaurant that has survived has been Raglan Road. Raglan Road is an Irish restaurant located in Disney Springs’ The Landing. With great drinks, live music, and dancing, it’s always a good choice. But here at Vegan Disney World we are all about the food. This place has become one of our favorites!

Raglan Road

As you saw in our previous post from Raglan Road, you can get vegan onion rings here. Those are a great snack, but this time we were looking for a real meal. As we found out last time, Raglan Road is a scratch kitchen which means they can easily accommodate those with allergies or special diets.

Inside Raglan Road

After sitting at our table we told our server we were vegan. She was thrilled to help us and told us they could make us the risotto. Then was excited to tell us about a brand new brunch menu item, the Super-Cauli-Caponata-Tasty-N-Delicious. We ordered one of each along with chips for our Mouseketeer.

Raglan Road Brunch Menu

It’s worth noting some other things our server told us. She said there are a few vegan chefs that work there and they love making new vegan dishes upon request. She also told us everything is fresh there, so the off-menu options are always changing. She also mentioned if we didn’t mind waiting about 45 minutes the chefs could come up with something different. Being that we had our Mouseketeer, we just went with the menu options.

Vegan Risotto

The risotto was full of veggies. The flavor was really good and it was creamy. We loved it.


The new cauliflower dish was better than we expected it to be. They give you a huge amount of cauliflower, seemed like half a head. The flavors were great, not too spicy. The lentils were cooked perfectly. We were very full by the time we were done with both of the dishes.

If you’re looking for a really great experience, go to Raglan Road. From the staff, to the music, to the food, you’re sure to leave here feeling great!

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This review is from May 2018.


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  1. Just an FYI…Went today excited to try the cauli….and they have removed it from the menu and are no longer offering it😞 the quinoa burger is not an option as it has cheese in the burger.

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