RunDisney: Star Wars 5K

“I find your lack of faith disturbing”-Darth Vader

Before ever doing a RunDisney 5K this was me, a huge lack of faith in myself. I had tried to be a runner so many times, but always failed (I’ve had arthritis since I was 7). But after doing a Disney 5K I was hooked. They are so much fun. You don’t even realize how far you’ve gone or how fast you’re going.

Welcome sign

There are people of all different levels running with you. And of course, it’s Disney, so there are characters along your route for you to take your picture with. Disney makes it more like a party than a run.

Early morning at Epcot

The Star Wars 5K is conducted inside Epcot. Before the race there are drink stations set up everywhere with just water. During the race there is one water station, this time it was in China.

Spaceship Earth

After the race there are cast members waiting to hand you water bottles & several different flavors of Powerade. I went with the fruit punch flavor, but only took one sip of it. I found it super sweet and fake tasting. At the next station you get a banana.

Powerade and Water

Lastly, you get a sealed box of goodies. This time I was surprised most of the things were vegan. My favorite thing from the box was the You Love Fruit snack. They were little bites of a fruit roll up and it had a V for vegan on the package! Other things included were tortilla chips, GoGo Squeez Apple, and a two pack of Oreo cookies. The grossest thing in the box was the cheddar cheese dip. Honestly I don’t know who would eat that. My sister, who is not vegan or vegetarian, even questioned why it was in the box.

Showing off the medal

Would I do another runDisney event? Definitely. In fact, we are doing the Wine & Dine 5K in November! Hopefully Disney will get feedback about what should be in the snack box and improve on it before then. See you in November!


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  1. The cheese is in every snack box and for some reason a lot of people love it, so I doubt it will be leaving anytime soon. Congratulations on your first 5K!

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