P&J’s Southern Take Out

There’s no other place at Disney like the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campgrounds has tons of activities and things to explore. While you’re here you really don’t feel like you’re still inside the Disney World bubble.

Recently we got to stay in one of the cabins there. The cabins are great, they really make you feel like you’re in a home away from home. The cabins feature large kitchens and can sleep up to 6 adults. Also now you can bring your dog to stay with you! This was a huge plus for my parents who were staying there.

Fort Wilderness Exploration

While we were staying at the cabin, we decided to check out P&J’s Southern Take Out for lunch. P&J’s is located inside the Trails End restaurant. Much of the menu is bbq and meat heavy, but then we noticed the Fort Wilderness Garden Burger!

Burger menu at P&J’s Southern Take Out

Being that the Beyond Burger is popping up all over property, including at Trails End, we assumed that’s what it was. We asked for the chef anyway and he came out and told us that it was the Beyond Burger. However he said it was served on a non-vegan brioche bun, which was sprayed with egg wash. He gave us the options of a whole wheat honey bread or Texas toast. Because we choose to not eat honey, we went with the Texas toast.

Beyond Burger on Texas Toast

It was good. The burger was cooked well and served with fries. The burger came with a tomato and lettuce. P&J’s Southern Take Out is a grab and go style restaurant, so there was ketchup and mustard packets to take with you. Everything you order comes in a to go box. We sat inside, but there are rocking chairs and picnic tables outside.

Would we go back? Sure! The cast members were all super accommodating. Plus we are always down for a good Beyond Burger!

Price? $
Review from March 2018.


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