The Wave… of American Flavors

On March 29 I turned 30. Both Matt & I’s families wanted to get together for dinner at Disney to celebrate. We were a party of 11 on Easter weekend, what would be available? Luckily we were able to get a table at The Wave located in the Contemporary resort. We have been there a handful of times & always leave feeling satisfied. The menu has something for everyone on it.

Vegan bread and Earth Balance butter

First our server brought us bread. He was excited to tell us it was vegan as is. Then he offered us either earth balance or olive oil. We went with the earth balance. It was really good. The Contemporary is one of the hotels on property that makes their bread in house.

For our entree our server offered us 2 options. The first was the Dashi Noodle Bowl, which is a sweet chili bean curd, stir-fried vegetables, udon noodles, & mushroom-dashi broth (we confirmed it was vegan dashi). The second was the Seared Potato Gnocchi, which is butternut squash, forest mushrooms, & rainbow swiss chard. Usually it is served with a brown butter-parmesan-sage cream. But we got it with red sauce. We were surprised to be offered the gnocchi as we were never offered it as an option before.

Dashi Noodle Bowl
Seared Potato Gnocci

We ordered one of each and really enjoyed the Seared Potato Gnocci over the Dashi Noodle Bowl. We would definitely get that again. The noodle bowl was really good too, but if given the choice we would chose the gnocchi.

Kids Pasta with Red Sauce

Our 10 month old daughter is a big eater nowadays. We looked at the kids menu & went with the pasta with red sauce & green beans for her. She loved it.

Valhalla Bakery Cake

Usually the vegan dessert is the Trio of Sorbet. But we brought a cake from Valhalla Bakery located in Market on South to dinner. (Market on South is about 40 minutes from Disney Property and worth checking out.) It was a chocolate cake with cookie dough filling & chocolate frosting. It. Was. Amazing.

Valhalla Bakery Cake

Valhalla does not deliver to the resorts. However, Erin McKenna’s does. So if you are in need of a celebration cake while on property & don’t have a car, that’s a perfect option for you. Additionally, we recently found out that Disney’s Cake Delivery can now also do vegan cakes, so we have lots of options now!

We would go back to The Wave. The atmosphere is laid back & it’s always easy to get a reservation. Plus the Magic Kingdom is right there! You can watch the fireworks from the 4th floor of the resort, the restaurant is located on the first floor and doesn’t offer any view. If you’re lucky you can catch the Electrical Water Pageant too.

Price? $$$
Review from March 2018.


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  1. We just ate at the Wave this weekend. The chef told us the gnocchi are NOT vegan. Disney tends to be very bad at training all staff on what “vegan” means, and which dishes are vegan. Luckily, the noodle bowl was yum with the miso broth.

    1. Hi! Thank you for letting us know about your experience. When we ate there in March the server & the chef told us the gnocchi were vegan. But just like the boba balls in Animal Kingdom, they could change often. Glad you enjoyed the noodle bowl!

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