Breakfast at Kona Cafe

This review reflects our experience from September 2015.

Finding a vegan breakfast in Disney World is pretty easy nowadays, almost everywhere carries the vegan and gluten free Mickey waffles. But we can really only eat waffles every once in a while. So when you’re looking for somewhere else to find vegan breakfast we recommend one of our favorite spots for breakfast, Kona Cafe at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

Polynesian Resort Lobby
Polynesian Resort Lobby

On our most recent visit to Kona Cafe we told our host that we were vegan and they marked it on our card for our server. When the server came to get our drink requests he mentioned he would grab a chef to speak with us. Chef Robert came out and we asked him about making the Tonga Toast vegan. He said of course and I asked about a tofu scramble, Tonga Toast sounded too heavy that morning. He asked what I would like with the scramble and I asked for potatoes.

Tofu Scramble
Tofu Scramble
After we received our french pressed 100% Kona coffee, which we recommend, our food arrived. At first we were confused as we had a few bowls of potatoes, Corey had ordered a side of potatoes so he assumed the first bowl was his, but then we realized one of those bowls was my scramble. Now as vegans, most of us picture tofu scramble as tofu and a bunch of vegetables, often mushrooms and onion at our house, but this was literally just tofu and potatoes. Much to my surprise, this scramble was absolutely delicious. The tofu was really crispy and it all had a strong garlic flavor.


Wheat Toast
Wheat Toast
While I was enjoying my bowl of tofu and potatoes, I asked our server about some toast with vegan butter he had delivered with our various other condiments. He left and quickly came back with some wheat toast with Smart Balance vegan butter. I love that most restaurants carry either Smart Balance or Earth Balance vegan butters now!

Vegan Tonga Toast
Vegan Tonga Toast
While I enjoyed my breakfast Corey was super excited about his Tonga Toast. Tonga Toast is a brick of sourdough bread that has been stuffed with bananas then deep-fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar. The Tonga Toast is fried in a shared fryer. Corey said his Tonga Toast was extra cinnamon-y and was the best he had ever eaten. Since Tonga Toast typically comes with a Strawberry Compote that contains dairy, the chefs typically give a side of fruit and some syrup.

Stuffed Banana View
Stuffed Banana View
We love eating at Kona Cafe before a morning at the Magic Kingdom. Each time we have been here we have been able to receive vegan Tonga Toast. If you don’t want Tonga Toast or scramble you can get vegan waffles here too.

Would we eat here again?
Yep, we try and go every trip!


Melissa & Corey



Author: VeganWDW

Two Disney loving Vegans who want to share the newest and best treats in Disney World.

One thought

  1. I went to the Kona Cafe in October of 2015, and I was informed that the Tonga toast cannot be made vegan, nor has it ever been able to be made vegan. Perhaps we had a different chef when we went, but we unfortunately were unable to get it. The chef did, however, make us a delicious tofu scramble that looks similar to your tofu scramble from Ohana, and I would highly recommend that!

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