Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party

No visit to Magic Kingdom is complete without a breathtaking fireworks display to cap off your evening, however, it becomes less magical when you are tired, hungry, and it’s crowded! The Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party is a magical way to experience the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular while enjoying delicious desserts and beverages and without fighting for a great view.

We first heard about this elusive, seasonal experience and thought it would be a great way to celebrate a wedding anniversary. This was in 2012, and at the time the price came to around $40 per adult. This included an unlimited dessert buffet with hot and cold beverages, plus a reserved table under the covered patio at the Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant, which sits at the entry of Tomorrowland. You are also able to walk up to the railing and view Wishes, right under the spot where Tinkerbell magically floats through the air. There is a disclaimer that room at the railing isn’t reserved or guaranteed, but it seems that no one had trouble viewing the display.

Paul with his dessert plate
Paul with his dessert plate

All of this sounds great, but what about vegan options? When we called Disney dining reservations we noted that we were vegan, and were assured that our special diet could and would be accommodated. We had no idea to what degree, and were pleasantly surprised!

Upon arrival, we checked in, and someone announced that the vegans had arrived (!). A cast member came over and explained that we would be receiving a special plate of treats, and also walked through which items on the buffet were vegan. They basically included fruit and most beverages (coffee, hot and cold tea, sodas, water). We were escorted to our table, which was nicely decorated with Mickey confetti, and waited for our plates to arrive.

Dessert Plate
Dessert Plate

We were blown away by the selection: sorbets, three types of cake, cookies, strawberry roses and grapes. The plate was huge and we both started to dig in, when the cast member explained that we were each going to have our own, and that the second dish was still being plated. The quality of each item, particularly the cake, was incredible, and the berries were very fresh. The cookies were definitely pre-packaged, but still tasty.

Dessert Plate
Dessert Plate

We enjoyed our large array of treats and then stood at the railing to enjoy Wishes with other Dessert Party guests. Truly a magical evening!

FYI: I have read on several websites that this experience is being re-imagined and also re-named the Wishes Dessert Party (better name, in our opinion!). The price is also currently 53.24 for adults, including tax.

Would we go back?
Yes, for a VERY special occasion!

$$$$ (over 50 dollars for dessert, whoa!)

Tara & Paul

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